11 Coffee Alternatives That’ll Give You Energy Without the Jitters (And Taste Delicious!)

updated May 7, 2024
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Whether you’re an “at least one cup of coffee every day” person or just an occasional java drinker, odds are you’ve experienced the burst of energy that comes from sipping on a cuppa. For a while, all is well — you feel more awake and ready to face the day. But later on, there are the inevitable side effects, and you may feel even more groggy than before you started drinking the beverage.

Why You Should Try a Coffee Alternative

In addition to the dreaded coffee crashes, there are a number of reasons why you may be considering cutting out the beverage — or why you’ve never started drinking it in the first place. Maybe you’ve drank so much coffee that you’ve finally overdone it, or you’ve never really been a fan of the taste, or you’re just in the market for a fun alternative to the classic cup of joe. No matter where you fall on the coffee-swap spectrum, we’ve got you covered with this short list of our favorite coffee alternatives.

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Clevr Blends
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Clevr Blends is as close to traditional coffee as you can get, but it’s even better — the Oprah-favorite brand takes all the best elements of coffee, eliminates sugar and dairy, and adds mood-enhancing ingredients including mushrooms, adaptogens, and probiotics. It’s become managing commerce editor Tamara Kraus’ go-to drink: “I love the Coffee variety because it does the same job as a traditional cup of java without the jitters and midday caffeine crash,” she wrote in her review of the SuperLattes (which are 25% off right now!).

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MUD\WTR claims to give you a boost without those side effects, plus a higher level of focus and immunity. It’s a “micro-dose of caffeine and a macro-dose of functional benefits," according to the brand, and I didn’t get sick of the taste like I do with coffee, so I consider that a win. (In fact, I think I’m even going to get the more affordable monthly subscription!)

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Another blend of mushroom extracts, the Renude Chaggachino also incorporates organic cacao, cinnamon, and monk fruit. Vegan, sugar-free, keto, and gluten-free, this healthy alternative claims to have anti-aging effects in addition to improving immunity, stress, and brain function. Add it to your latte or matcha, and you’re all set!

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Cuzen Matcha

Matcha has a high level of antioxidants and tastes great, too — and for just $30, you can get Cuzen Matcha’s Leaf Packet set, which comes with the Premium blend (for the straight drink), Signature blend (for straight and mixed drinks), and Latte blend (to complement milk). If you want to go all in on the matcha-drinking train, the brand also offers a Matcha Starter Kit. Kitchn writer Dana McMahan tried out the brand’s ingenious device, which she found made “incredible-tasting matcha. A smooth, vegetal, nutty, slightly sweet cup of matcha.” Sign us up!

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RASA will give you all the energy a coffee would, and is also organic, sugar-free, keto, and vegan. This health-focused blend is also certified as Climate Pledge Friendly, which is always a plus. “I've been drinking this Cacao Rasa for a couple of days and as much as I don't want to admit it, I've noticed a marked difference in how I feel," one reviewer wrote. "I have not had coffee the last three days. No joke. Cold turkey! This stuff has given me consistent energy."

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Mantra Matcha

Mantra Matcha claims to offer some of the best matcha in the world, and we found that they were not far off. “By far the purest matcha you’ll taste, this tea is bright green, signifying that it’s made with only the best of the best tea leaves, brought to us directly from farm to cup," Kitchn contributor Stella Totino wrote. "Simultaneously smooth, bright, and fresh, this stone-ground tea is far superior to any muddy matcha blends you may have tested in the past."

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Firebelly Tea

Firebelly is probably the most stylish tea option out there, with color-coded boxes and stunning tea accessories, and it tastes just as good as it looks, we discovered. If you don’t want to stray too far from the taste of coffee, the brand offers a blend that’s made with yerba mate and botanicals, but still provides a chocolatey, coffee-like flavor.

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Now, on the other hand, if you’re giving up on coffee because you dislike the taste, the Crio Bru is a substitute that tastes like chocolate, despite being sugar- and dairy-free. It brews just like coffee does, and it claims to be 99.99 percent free of caffeine, with a natural energy-booster instead.

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I can speak from experience with this one: The Guayaki Yerba Mate isn’t playing around with its energy-boosting capabilities, but it isn't too overwhelming. Plus, it tastes delicious — similar to green tea — and its business model is centered on the regeneration of the planet.

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One Stripe Chai

Sourced from a small organic farm in India, One Stripe has a number of satisfying coffee-alternative blends, including their classic Masala Chai. We loved the brand’s popular Chai Concentrate, which is currently sold out. “Maybe it’s because it’s crafted from only the highest-quality ingredients ethically sourced from all around the world, but this chai has a velvety, complex taste," contributor Stella Totino wrote.

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The Joe’y mushroom-based beverage has a fifth of the amount of caffeine in a regular cup, so you don’t have to worry as much about crashing later in the day. It also lacks the bitterness of normal coffee, too, with notes of cacao, roasted chicory, dandelion, and cinnamon. “I'm happy to report that while there is no mistaking Joe'y for coffee, the flavor is good and the taste profile seems to push the same buttons for me that coffee does,” one reviewer said.