This “Perfect Kitchen Tool” Has Almost 10,000 Glowing Amazon Reviews — and Kitchn Readers Get an Exclusive Discount

updated Jan 14, 2021
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I’ll admit it: I have a few bad habits in the kitchen. My worst offense is definitely the way I strain cooked pasta. I’m always caught off guard when my noodles reach al-dente perfection, and there’s never enough time to search for the ancient metal colander that’s squeezed between mixing bowls somewhere in my cabinet. Instead, I’ll stand over the sink, saucepan in one hand, lid in the other, attempting to pour out my pasta’s cooking water between the two. Not only is this incredibly inefficient (something tasty always escapes into my sink), but between the steam and, uh, boiling-hot water, it’s also pretty dangerous. 

Thankfully, there’s good news for unprepared pasta strainers like me. It comes in the form of this genius silicone snap-on colander that attaches directly to your saucepan, making it quick, safe, and easy to strain just about anything.

Backed by more than 9,500 positive Amazon reviews as well as an impressive 4.5-star rating, the Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer is a kitchen must-have — and Kitchn readers get an exclusive 20 percent discount with code 20KITCHNGIZ. The low-profile, flexible design snaps onto saucepans, stockpots, bowls, and even frying pans. You can use it to neatly strain rinsed fruit, drain vegetables or bones from homemade stock, or, as one clever customer shares, “it is amazing for draining fat from ground beef… I used to put a paper towel in a colander and drain it that way, but it’s still a mess. This thing lets you drain it from the pan you cooked it in so less mess and quicker.”

Another fan praised the clips for being super strong, saying they “hold firm on a thick hard-anodized pot filled to the brim with a pound of ravioli and 4-5 quarts of water.” Other reviewers note that straining more than a pound of pasta can be a stretch, and certain shapes can spill over the lip of the strainer, especially when using it on narrow pots. 

Once you’ve attached the Snap N Strainer to your cooking vessel or bowl, you have two hands free to get a sturdy grip on the handle to safely strain. One customer calls it the “perfect kitchen tool,” and says, “I would always burn myself when straining vegetables so this is an absolute lifesaver. I’ve used it on various sized pans from big to small and it does the job every time.”

The strainer’s holes are small enough that they won’t let small pasta shapes or peas escape into your sink. And if you always forget to save a cup of starchy cooking water for making a sauce, the built-in pour spout makes it easy to transfer a bit to a measuring cup. Even better, the Snap N Strain’s space-saving design won’t take up much room in your cabinet or dishwasher.

The uses for this strainer are pretty much endless, which is more than I can say for my old colander! I think it’s finally time for me to break my bad straining habits.

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