The $35 Chef’s Knife That Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed With

published Jan 27, 2020
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Whenever I ask a chef about what’s in their essential kitchen tool kit, they almost always say “a good knife.” And they’re not afraid to pay up for those good knives. If I had to guess though, I’d wager that the average budget of a celebrity chef is a whole lot bigger than mine — a regular home cook. Right?

That’s why I turned to the regular home cooks on Amazon to discover the very best, most highly-rated chef’s knife for someone on a budget. At the top of the bestseller list? The Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8-Inch Chef’s Knife, which rings up for less than $35. (Fun fact: Victorinox is the same company that makes the Swiss Army Knife.) And for what it’s worth, this knife also got picked in Kitchn’s official Best List of chef’s knives!

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Credit: Amazon

Buy: Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8-Inch Chef’s Knife, $33

This stainless steel knife comes with a comfortable non-slip handle, a super sharp blade that requires infrequent sharpening and is technically dishwasher-safe. (You’d be smart to hand-wash this knife, though, considering that the Victorinox Powers that Be say that this habit will extend the life of your knife.)

If you’re looking for further proof that this knife is a fan-favorite, rest assured that 86 percent of Amazon reviewers have given this knife 5 stars. Here’s what happy customers had to say.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

“We wanted to get some grown-up knives because we like to cook and were tired of the low-quality sets. I did my research and these are literally the best knives you can buy for the money (by the way, this is the same company that invented the Swiss Army knife!). Are you a professional chef? If not, you probably don’t need that $300 chef knife and even if you were, I honestly doubt you would be able to tell that much of a difference. The blade came sharp, I keep it sharp with a honing rod and I bought a wet stone but have not had to sharpen it yet due to the honing rod doing what it should. The handle is very comfortable and the weight and balance make it easy to use. I enjoy using my Victorinox knives and have been impressed with all of them so far.”

“My love affair with this knife continues. Last night, at first I thought there was something wrong with my potatoes because the knife sliced through them as if they were butter but with nice clean edges. Oh my — simply impressive. My love just keeps growing. “

“An excellent knife for 90 percent of kitchen cutting. It isn’t full tang, but it’s well-constructed to the point where I wouldn’t worry about the blade ever separating from the handle. I’ve got size XL hands and the handle is very comfortable, and my partner who has tiny hands can also use the knife without issue. Most importantly, the blade comes hair-shavingly sharp out of the box. (I’ve ordered several for myself and family/friends as gifts.) Overall, a chef’s knife doesn’t get better than this —at least not at this price point. If you’re a student, young adult, or just a frugal person who wants a quality kitchen knife, this is the only choice out there in my opinion.”

What’s your favorite chef’s knife?