7 Must-Haves for Anyone Who Says They Love Cheese

updated Dec 15, 2020
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Raise your hand if you look at a stack of cheese like this and think: dinner? (Or maybe you’re shopping for someone who’d think that?) While you don’t need much to enjoy a good wedge or three, there are a few kitchen tools and gadgets that’ll make it easier for you to eat more cheese or simply enjoy it more. Here are seven cheese-related finds that we consider an absolute must-haves for anyone who considers cheddar its own food group. (And actually, numbers 4 and 5 can be considered an either/or situation.)

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There’s a reason the Microplane has become synonymous with graters. (Like Kleenex and tissues!) The brand makes the very best toothy blades out there. And this classic grater is what any self-respecting cheese-lover needs in order to make floofy piles of cloud-like Parm. Seriously, no other grater comes close.

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Here’s another great grater. Sorry, that’s cheesy. (Gah! Again with the cheese!) This one, though, isn’t for dusting pasta with Parm. No, this four-sided grater is meant for shredding an entire block of cheese. For a different kind of cheese pasta: mac and cheese! You can, of course, use the grater to, say, slice veggies and then cover them in cheese.

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Sure, there are lots of cute cheese knives out there, but they won’t always cut it. (We’re really on a roll here.) This one is a bestselling option on Amazon (with more than 1,200 five-star reviews) and a favorite among gear pros and cheesemongers.

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It’s a house! For cheese! This sweet little structure is designed to create a special climate to prolong the shelf life of hard and soft cheeses. It’s pricey, yes, but it also eliminates the need for plastic wrap and will make sure that your cheese never goes bad before you can eat it — so it could end up saving you money in the long-run.

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A more budget-friendly option, this vault can house hard cheeses (one big piece or two smaller ones). The container is designed to wick away moisture (thus, preserving the cheese) and the lid fits snuggly so that nothing in the fridge can seep in there and taint your Gouda.

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Don’t get tripped up by all the cheese boards out there. The one you need for all your entertaining purposes (yes, even if you’re just entertaining yourself!) is really just your best cutting board. This one tops our list for all cutting and serving purposes because it feels great under a knife, is easy to carry, and is made with sustainable teak.

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We’re guessing you know what this is from … and how to do it. This tea towel is absolutely essential. And we’ll only be friends with people who agree with us on this.