The 3 Best Budget-Friendly Bottles of Wine We Bought in 2022

published Dec 12, 2022
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Various wines on tabletop.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

As long as the world keeps turning, we’ll keep pouring out glasses of wine. Whether your mood is celebratory or melancholy, or you’re just looking for the perfect pairing for your dinner table, there’s a bottle of wine for the occasion. 

We’ve tried a lot of wine this year and found plenty of refreshing varieties. Although all that wine tasting can come with a hefty price tag, we collected some of our budget-friendly favorites from this year. They offer big flavors at low prices, so you can still pick up a bottle (or three!) even after splurging on holiday shopping. Pop the cork (or twist the cap!) on any of these thrifty finds and it will certainly taste like a celebration well into the new year.

Credit: Diane McMartin

1. Kirkland Signature Gigondas, $14.89 for 750 milliliters

Earlier this year, we tasked our resident wine expert with finding the best budget-friendly red at Costco — one we could curl up with during the cold winter months. This Gigondas from the warehouse’s Kirkland Signature private-label brand stood out from the rest. A good-quality Gigondas is usually quite a bit more expensive than $15, but this French red has big notes of dark plum, ripe cherry, and roasted strawberry. The texture is luxurious and full-bodied, which makes it inherently sippable, and possible even better with something like braised short ribs or lamb.

Credit: Pinnacle Liquor

2. Escudo Real Vinho Verde Rosé, $8.99 for 750 ml at Pinnacle Liquor

This light, fresh rosé is from one of the most respected winemakers in Portugal. It’s full of berry flavors, especially strawberry and raspberry, and has a little effervescence. We recommended breaking it out for backyard dinner parties and summer picnics. It’s excellent with seafood (especially shrimp!), soft cheeses, and melon and prosciutto. You can also open a bottle any time that you want to drink a glass of sunshine.

Credit: Diane McMartin

3. Groth Sauvignon Blanc, $15.99 for 750 ml

Another Costco find from our resident wine expert, Groth Sauvignon Blanc is from the Napa Valley-based Groth Winery in California. The texture is rich and weighty, yet its flavor is less acidic than other Sauvignon Blancs and more crisp with notes of green apple and grapefruit. It’s great for a cocktail hour (it pairs well with finger foods and frozen hors d’ouerves), but is casual enough that you can pour a glass after a long workday.

Bonus: Costco sells this white for cheaper than other retailers, so you should strongly consider picking up a second bottle while you’re at it.

Do you have a favorite budget-friendly wine from 2022? Tell us about it in the comments.