7 Months Later, I Still Love This Organizer More than Words Can Say

updated Oct 15, 2019
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

Less than a year ago, I wrote a confessional of sorts to tell you about the love affair I was having with my $5 pot lid organizer. And here I am, approximately seven months later, to report that our love is still alive and well, thank you very much.

Let’s go back to the beginning of our meet cute: The 4 Sort Wire Divider is a $5 contraption that came into my life when I purchased it from The Container Store out of desperation to make my pots and pans cabinet go from this unkempt mess …

Credit: Lauren Masur

To this beautiful sight to behold!

Credit: Lauren Masur

As you can see, before this metal organizer entered my life, this particular cabinet was an absolute mess and the farthest thing from a grab-and-go situation. Reaching in for a paired pot and lid involved so much careful choreography to ensure that nothing fell to the floor with a resounding clang (lest I disturb my two roommates). For the most oft-used area of my kitchen, it was the most poorly arranged space and needed a fix.

Now that couldn’t be a more distant reality. These days every pot has a lid, and every lid has a slot, and both of those facts of life make me very, very happy.

Buy Now4-Sort Divider, from $4 at The Container Store

I love this organizer so much that I’m tempted to get another one to organize my baking sheets. And another to organize my cutting boards and cheese trays. And another to get all my important paperwork together. And another to … well, you get the idea. Because they’re only $5 a pop, that doesn’t sound so unrealistic, either.

Clearly the honeymoon phase is over and this organizer and I are now entering a lifetime of committed love. (I’m only kind of kidding. Please, please don’t nominate me for my own TLC special.)

Do you have an organizer in your home that you’re obsessed with?