30 Products That Make Cleaning a Million Times Easier (All for $15 or Less on Amazon)

updated Feb 4, 2021
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Not everyone loves to clean — at least not as often as it always has to be done. Because as soon as you’ve scrubbed the floor and wiped the countertops down, there’s almost always a pile of dishes ready for you. Which is why we can all use as much help as we can get. And if that help doesn’t cost a ton and can be delivered super quickly? Well, that’s even better.

We rounded up 30 products (all for $15 or less!) that make cleaning a little easier. Whether that’s a seemingly magical dish soap that eliminates the need for heavy scrubbing, a duster that cleans under the fridge, or a great bottle brush, all of these products can help. Ready your Amazon carts: They’re in for a treat! And so are you.

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This is the cleaning brush Amazon shoppers love. And when we tried it we saw why: The stiff bristles are scrubbing superstars, and the chisel tip is helpful for prying off cooked-on stuff. You'll especially want this if you have a cast iron skillet.

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A good cleaning collection isn’t complete without a great broom and matching dust pan. This one sweeps its competition, with double bristles that collect both fine dust and large particles. And the dust pan is designed to help you get every last bit off the floor.

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Pop one of these brushes onto a drill and you’ve got a (dare we say it?) fun way to clean grimy spots, be that a sink, oven door, floor, whatever!

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This dish spray has more than 12,000 reviews on Amazon and for good reason. It’s a miracle product: Just spray it on, let it sit, use a sponge to give it a quick swipe, and rinse. That’s it! See our official review here.

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Bar Keepers Friend is such a classic and we really can’t imagine cleaning pots and pans without it, whether they’re made from stainless steel or enameled cast iron. It removes stains. It gets things all shiny and new-looking. It’s everything.

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Try cleaning under your fridge without a duster like this. You’d have to move the entire fridge. And that’s not making cleaning easier.

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This caddy has two slots and can hold a few brushes and sponges. It's not exactly a cleaning tool, but it's a homebase for other cleaning tools. And it'll help keep your sink area nice and neat.

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When you need to scrub the inside of water bottles or narrow coffee Thermoses, only a bottle brush will do. This one has a perfectly long neck and a comfortable handle.

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That said, if you want a hands-free way to clean bottles, these tablets can do the work for you. Just pop one in, wait, and rinse.

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You know what’s not great? When your hands smell like what you’ve been cooking. This bar takes away any odors like garlic, onion, and fish. It can also be cleaned (!!!) in the dishwasher.

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A can of compressed air can do so much in your kitchen: blast bits of crumbs out of your toaster, clean your coffee grinder, remove the grime that gathers in the corners of drawers, and more.

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This scrub brush holds a good amount of soap and releases it with the press of a button. It eliminates the need to keep a bottle of dish soap out, keeping countertops clutter-free.

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Caked-on food remnants do not stand a chance with these pan scrapers. These are highly-rated and come in a pack of three.

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These biodegradable and compostable wipes are perfect for cleaning the inside of your microwave, your prep surface, and even high chair trays. They also smell great!

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With this product, you can just squirt this floor cleaner straight from the bottle and mop it up, eliminating the need for a cumbersome bucket.

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Ah, the Magic Eraser. How much do we love thee? You can clean your oven door with it, scrub your sink, and even remove stains from coffee mugs and plastic storage containers.

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Fact: You need some good, reusable microfiber cleaning cloths for wiping down surfaces. This eight-pack comes out to around a buck per rag.

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Yes, there are a lot of OXO brushes on this list. They're just that good. For cleaning around the rims of sinks and the faucet handle, this brush set does an amazing job. It’s also great for scrubbing the stovetop and removing dirt and grime from drains.

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Ugh, cleaning your oven. No one likes to do it. It's grimey. It's kinda gross. But at least this cleaner will do a lot of the work for you! We also really like using this stuff to clean the outside of enamaled Dutch ovens.

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This 10-pack of Swedish dishcloths replaces 15 rolls of paper towels. They’re easy to sterilize, too: Just boil them in water.

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Spilling red wine is awful. For starters, it wastes wine, but there’s also the STAIN. That’s where this handy remover comes in. It legit works.

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You need good gloves to protect your hands from abrasive cleaners — or even when you’re just doing a lot of dishes. These have cuffs that catch any drips, keeping the insides of the gloves dry.

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was $12.99

Who likes snaking a drain? Toss one of these sticks down the drain once a month and you won’t have to.

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This laundry cleaner does more than you think: It can remove gunk from inside your fridge, it can deodorize the trash can, it can take sticky labels off glass jars! And it costs about $1.30.

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Your dishwasher needs to be cleaned, too. But if you use one of these tablets once a month you won’t have to do it yourself. A hero! (Read our full review here.)

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If you want to try making your own homemade cleaner (or even buying concentrated cleaner), you'll need some great reusable glass bottles.

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This might be a suprising pick, but did you know WD-40 can clean the grout in your backsplash? Now you do!

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For those of you who are Team Sponge, these are the ones we suggest. They work great on nonstick cookware. They’re effective, but won’t scratch (and therefore ruin!) your pans.

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After you’ve cleaned the top of your fridge, put a sheet of wax paper on it. This way, the paper will "attract" all the dust, grime, and grease. And then you just have to change out the paper. No scrubbing. This simple trick goes a long way!

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Versatile is in its name and, boy, does OxiClean deliver. It can clean hood grates, grout, and even your shower curtain liner.

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