12 Top-Rated Amazon Finds That’ll Help Your Cast Iron Skillet Last for Generations

updated Oct 4, 2019
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If there was ever a cookware staple that could last well enough to be passed down generation after generation with little risk of wear and tear and virtually no risk of becoming obsolete, it’s a cast iron skillet. From perfectly seared steaks to skillet cookies and stove-top-to-oven breakfast casseroles, there’s not much cooking you’ll do that can’t be done in a cast iron skillet.

Here are some top-rated Amazon finds that will help you keep your cast iron skillet in the best shape of its life so it can continue to serve you and those after you.

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1. Cast Iron Chainmail Scrubber

This chain mail scrubber is not only cool to handle and fun to look at, it also gets your skillet spotless without detergent, so you don’t have to worry about either damaging your its seasoning or not getting it thoroughly clean. It has almost 6,000 five-star Amazon reviews, so you can’t go wrong. The stainless steel won’t rust, each ring is soldered so you don’t have to worry about them coming un-done, and the scrubber is easy to clean and won’t harbor nasty bacteria.

Buy: Cast Iron Chainmail Scrubber, $17

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2. Cast Iron Seasoning & Conditioning Bundle

This set of cast iron care solutions will keep your prized cast iron skillet in top form. The oil conditions your skillet to prolong its lifespan, help build up an enviable seasoning, and protect your pan from water damage. Natural cast iron soap is a true soap (not a detergent), so you can feel confident using it to clean without concern for damage. Cast iron salt scrub removes food residue in a more gentle manner than chain mail scrubbers and also helps strengthen and preserve the skillet’s seasoning.

Buy: Caron Doucet Cast Iron Seasoning & Conditioning Bundle, $33

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3. Crisbee Stik Cast Iron Seasoning

This seasoning stick seasons new and vintage cast iron skillets. Well-seasoned cast iron gives you a non-stick cooking experience and helps prevent difficult-to-clean food messes on your prize pan. The design of this stick makes it super easy to apply the concentrated formula, which lasts and lasts.

Buy: Crisbee Stik Cast Iron Seasoning, $15

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4. Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit

This care kit comes with everything you need to care for your cast iron skillet, including a scraper, a brush, a silicone hot handle holder, and a seasoning spray to maintain and enhance your skillet’s finish. Meghan Splawn, Kitchn’s Associate Food Editor, happens to be obsessed with it.

Buy: Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit, $15

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5. Cast Iron Cleaner and Care Kit

This all-inclusive care kit includes a chain mail scrubber, pan scrapers, seasoning oil, and a hot handle holder. It’s the perfect starter kit if you’re a new cast iron skillet owner — or if you’ve been inspired anew to take better care of the one you have.

Buy: Cast Iron Cleaner and Care Kit, $25

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6. Lodge Pan Scrapers

Pan scrapers are essential to cast iron skillet care. They allow you to scrape out food that’s left over in the pan after cooking. Each Lodge pan scraper offers four different shaped corners for getting those hard-to-reach areas in your cast iron skillet as well as other cookware.

Buy: Lodge Pan Scrapers, $3 for two

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7. Rustic Leather Cast Iron Handle Cover

Cast iron skillet handles get hot! Oven mitts are cumbersome to cook with, and towels aren’t reliable when it comes to keeping your hands safe from nasty burns. This beautiful leather pan handle cover is lined with sheepskin for easy insertion and removal, insulates up to a temperature of 450 degrees, and makes a stylish and unique gift for the person who has everything.

Buy: Rustic Leather Cast Iron Handle Cover, $15

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8. Full Circle Tenacious Brush Scraper

Besides having an awesome name, this “tenacious” brush scraper is specifically designed to clean cast iron cookware. It features stiffer bristles than a typical dish-washing brush and a scraper for loosening cooked-on food.

Buy: Full Circle Tenacious Brush Scraper, $8

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9. OXO Good Grips Cast Iron Pan Brush

This popular pan brush from fan-favorite OXO enables concentrated, heavy duty scrubbing power for cleaning cast iron cookware without soap or detergent. Its soft grip handle makes it comfortable to use and easy to hold, even when it’s wet. Angled bristles and a scraper tip allow you to deeply clean all grooves and corners with power and precision.

Buy: OXO Good Grips Cast Iron Pan Brush, $10

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10. Extreme Matters Heavy Duty Organizer

If you have a collection of cast iron skillets, you know that sorting through the stack to get the one you need is hard work. Traditional pan organizers are no match for the significant heft of cast iron cookware. This pan organizer, however, is made just for the job. You can use it to stack your cast iron collection vertically or file pans and lids horizontally.

Buy: Extreme Matters Heavy Duty Organizer, $30

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11. GeekDigg Pot Rack Organizer

A pot rack like this adjustable organizer lets you configure your stand to accommodate all kinds of cookware, from cast iron skillets to your largest Dutch oven. No more unstacking and yanking out and stacking pots and pans.

Buy: GeekDigg Pot Rack Organizer, $30

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12. Lodge Camp 12-Inch Dutch Oven Tote Bag

For transport or storage, this Dutch oven tote bag is far better than that canvas bag or cardboard box you’ve been trying to stuff your pot into. Made of durable cloth and constructed with a self-healing zipper and a padded bottom, this bag will keep your cast iron Dutch oven safe and together for wherever it needs to stay or go.

Buy: Lodge Camp 12-Inch Dutch Oven Tote Bag, $29

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