15 Card Games For Couples and Families Who’ve Reached the End of Netflix

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Looking to shake up game night — or just give your mind a break from binge-watching Netflix shows (or Onward for the hundredth time, if you’re a mom!)? Card games are an easy (and inexpensive) activity that’ll keep everyone engaged and entertained. And since they don’t come with tons of tiny pieces that can easily get lost or an elaborate board that needs to be set up, they are quick and relatively fuss-free to pull out and play. We rounded up some of the best card games that are fun whether you’re playing with a friend or the whole family.

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1. Monopoly Deal Card Game

Perfect for: 2-4 players

Monopoly is a game night classic, but it can last for hours. Not so with this speedier version, which can take only 45 minutes as players compete to complete three sets of properties. And like in the original game, you can demand money from other players, if you get the right Action card. Beware: Emotions can run rather high.

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2. Sequence

Perfect for: 2-12 players

Part board game, part card game, Sequence has players winning by getting five cards in a row (as they appear in a traditional deck of cards). The strategy comes in being able to block other players — or even remove their cards.

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3. Cards Against Humanity

Perfect for: 4-8 players

What card game list would be complete without arguably the most popular card game of the past decade? But beware: This game is not for young kids. Or older kids. But if you’ve got college kids at home, Cards Against Humanity could make for a raucous family game night or even a virtual happy hour session. To play, one player asks a question from the black card and everyone gives an answer with their most outrageous white card. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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4. Trivia Box Card Game

Perfect for: 2-6 players

Put simply, this is a box of trivia cards asking the same survey questions you might find on the much-loved TV show. The rest of the gameplay is up to you: One family member can pretend to be the host and keep score, or players can simply take turns asking questions.

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5. Taco vs Burrito

Perfect for: 2-4 players

A silly, gross-out game invented by a seven-year-old boy, Taco vs. Burrito aims to create the weirdest, wildest meals. With cards like Chocolate-Covered Shrimp or Hair from a Mustache (remember, the inventor was seven), it’s pretty easy to do. Each game averages about 10 minutes long, and much like Uno, you can throw curveballs at your opponents — here, food-themed cards like Tummy Ache can reduce someone’s “meal value” — to keep the game interesting.

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6. Exploding Kittens

Perfect for: 2-5 players

It’s like Russian Roulette, with kittens that go boom. Each Exploding Kittens player draws a card from the stack, and if they get an “exploding kitten” card, they’re out of the game. Various strategy cards that can shield a player from an explosion are available, as well as the usual cards allowing players to skip a turn or attack an opponent.

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7. Sushi Go

Perfect for: 2-8 players

Create the ultimate sushi platter with this adorably illustrated card game. Each item — from sashimi to chopsticks — is worth a different number of points. But be careful: You’ll probably be craving sushi once you’re done.

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8. Skyjo

Perfect for: 2-8 players

The goal of Skyjo is simple: Get as few points as possible. Players flip numbered cards, trade them, and keep track of points, so the game is sneakily educational for kids learning addition and subtraction.

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9. Rummikub

Perfect for: 2-4 players

A spin on the popular card game Rummy, Rummikub challenges players to create groups of either consecutive numbers of the same color or the same number in different colors. The games are short — up to 30 minutes — but incredibly addictive.

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10. Watch Ya’ Mouth Ultimate Edition

Perfect for: 3-10 players

Warning: Watch Ya’ Mouth is an exceedingly silly game. Players wear crazy contraptions called “cheek retractors” (think: what your dentist uses for teeth-whitening procedures) — and then attempt to say phrases or words from four different categories. Their teammates then have to guess what they’re saying, from pop culture phrases like “Bye, Felicia” to tongue twisters like “Busy Buzzing Bumble Bees.” 

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11. Dutch Blitz

Perfect for: 2-4 players and more with the extension set!

Unlike most card games where players take turns, Dutch Blitz requires players to play the quickest. Players have a Blitz pile (like a stack of cards from Solitaire), and keep playing cards from that pile, placing them in sequence in the center of the table, until their Blitz pile is all gone. The game is great for two to four players, but this set comes with an expansion pack that allows up to eight players to join in on the fun. 

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12. Sriracha Recipes Playing Cards

Perfect for: Everyone! Even solo players.

Whether you’re playing Poker, Rummy, Black Jack, or Bridge, card games can get heated. Kick things up a notch with this Sriracha set, which is similar to a traditional deck but with recipes that can inspire easy weeknight meals!

Buy: Sriracha Recipes Playing Cards, $9 (normally $10)

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13. Go Fish

Perfect for: 3-6 players

Play the classic Go Fish with this deck of cards featuring adorable illustrations of lobsters, sharks, and other aquatic creatures that will delight any “Baby Shark” fan in your home.

Buy: Go Fish, $11

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14. I Can Do That!

Perfect for: 4 players or more!

This card game — themed to Marvel heroes like Thor, Spider-Man, and Captain Marvel — includes superhero accessories and is guaranteed to get everyone up and moving. Flip over cards from three different decks (an activity, a superhero item, and a placement for the item), which determine what a player must do. Example: Zoom to another room and back…with Spider-Man’s web…under your shirt. I actually have this game, and it’s a lot of fun for kids and adults.

Buy: I Can Do That!, $15

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15. Go Nuts for Donuts!

Perfect for: 2-6 players

They’re all here: Jelly! Chocolate frosted! French cruller! The goal in Go Nuts for Donuts is to gain the most points — via delicious donut cards. Each donut is worth different points, while some are action cards. But all will have you craving some donuts as soon as you’re done.

Buy: Go Nuts for Donuts!, $16

Do you have a favorite card game that didn’t make it to the list? Let us know in the comments below!