The Best Caraway Cookware You Can Buy Right Now

published Dec 22, 2022
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Caraway Home cookware products on a graphic colored background. Saute pan, storage containers, dutch oven, loaf pan, mini saute pan, fry pan, muffin pan
Credit: Caraway Home

Caraway has been on our radar — and holding it down in our kitchens — for a while. From its fantastic nonstick pan to its equally nonstick bakeware, the direct-to-consumer brand prioritizes three principles — nontoxic, easy cooking, and good design — and achieves that with pieces that make your life easier, healthier, and a little brighter. Oh, there’s a fourth principle, too: a good value (and we’ll get to that in a sec).

When you shop at Caraway, you’ll never find any toxic or maybe-toxic chemicals. Instead, you’ll always find a super-slick surface for easy cooking and cleaning, thoughtful features for durability and versatility, and oh-so-pretty colors. Caraway’s designs are beautiful, with simple but sleek silhouettes. Every piece comes in a wide variety of pretty colors with shiny finishes — you’ve probably seen its signature “perracotta” pink cookware all over your social media pages. These are the kind of pieces you’ll want to leave out on the stovetop to display. 

If you’re new to the brand or are looking to complete your kitchen lineup, here’s a debrief of our Caraway favorites and pieces we’ve been eyeing ourselves. 

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Lauren Kodiak, Kitchn’s copy chief, says this Dutch oven is “seriously beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.” What is it about this 6.5-quart wonder that makes it so special? Well, quite a few things.

Simply put, this Dutch oven makes great cooking easy, and cleanup a breeze, too. With an aluminum core, nonstick ceramic coating, and stainless steel handles, this Dutch oven can be used on any stovetop (induction, gas, and electric) and in the oven, so long as it’s 550°F or less. It’s lightweight and the handles stay cool, two features which make for easy transportation around the kitchen. It doesn’t hurt that it comes in a range of gorgeous hues, from a sunny Marigold to a sleek and simple Gray. If you’re looking for an easy, lightweight Dutch oven for everyday use, you’ve met your match.

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When all you have are big pots and pans, cooking for one can be a bit of a struggle. This miniature saucepan makes things a lot easier with a 1.75-quart capacity perfect for whipping up single-serve meals, side dishes, and sauces. And, it’s seriously adorable.

Like the rest of Caraway’s collection, this saucepan has a slick, non-toxic nonstick cooking surface and is free of heavy metals, PFOA, PTFE, and other things that can leach into your ingredients. The mini size is perfect for tiny kitchens and makes cleaning even easier, thanks to the pared-down surface area. If you want to make a decadent mac and cheese for one without dirtying a huge pot, look no further.

Grab the saucepan by itself, or snag it as part of a bundle with the mini fry pan, which we tested and reviewed here.

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was $145.00

If you could only have one pan in your kitchen, you’d probably want something versatile — something that could cook pretty much anything and make it turn out delicious. That just may be the sauté pan from Caraway. The 4.5-quart pan can fit a hefty portion of veggies, eggs, meat, fish, pancakes — you get where we’re going here. You will use this pan a lot.

I love using this pan, with the included lid, for quickly steaming veggies when I’m short on time. I’ve used plenty of nonstick pots and pans before, but Caraway is one of the slickest I’ve ever used. Cleaning it could not be easier, too; food comes off with nothing more than soap and water, making for minimal scrubbing. If food gets stuck on the pan somehow, simmer some soapy water in the pan over low heat and watch the bits literally detach from the surface. I learned this the hard way, but now that I know it’s like magic.

As someone who sometimes avoids cooking so I don’t have to clean, I’ve appreciated having Caraway pieces in my kitchen so much, and I find myself continuously going back to this pan.

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was $95.00

Like the brand’s Sauté Pan, this Fry Pan is versatile enough to cook everything from crispy fried eggs and fluffy pancakes to sautéed veggies and those random weeknight, whatever’s-in-the-fridge type of meals. It cooks easily and cleans even easier. Unlike the Sauté Pan, though, the Fry Pan does not come with a lid and it's also a bit smaller at 10.8 inches and 2.7-quarts. If you’re working with a smaller kitchen or often are cooking for smaller groups, you may like this pan better. Not to mention, it’s about half the price of the Sauté Pan.

Managing Editor of Commerce, Tamara Kraus, sings the praises of this pan here. For the cliffnotes, she says, “No joke, I will literally use this pan for the rest of my life.”

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Muffins and cupcakes can be notoriously difficult to pop out of their pan, but Caraway’s iteration should make things easier. You can say thank you to the brand’s mineral-based nonstick coating for that. With a 12-cup capacity, you can make large batches of all sorts of delicious baked goods. The slick interior coating will minimize your prep and cleanup time, so you can focus on the good stuff, like nailing that red velvet cupcake recipe you’ve been working on.

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Whether you prefer your baked goods sweet or a savory, a loaf pan will serve you well. Use it to make everything from banana bread to meatloaf. You can really get creative with how you use this one — especially with its thoughtful, slightly rounded design that makes it easier to cook and clean. With the holidays around the corner, this $40 find makes for a wonderful gift for the baker in your life, too.