11 Brilliant Organizers That Will Tidy Up All Your Cabinets in an Instant

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In the same way that licensed therapists often visit their own therapists, the organizers and storage solutions in your home often need further organizing and storage tools in order to do their jobs. That is by no means a shortcoming — and the one place that best demonstrates this relationship is your cabinets. Cabinets are wonderful repositories for all kinds of household items, but without the proper shelves, baskets, and racks, they can’t be very effective or efficient.

We have some favorite cabinet organizers that we’ve discovered over the years, and we’re sharing them here to inspire you to get some help to make your kitchen and bathroom cabinets more neat and tidy. Your cabinets are doing a fine job as is, but they could be working even harder — these smart tools will empower your cabinets to fit more stuff and arrange it in ways that are more useful to you on a daily basis.

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This nifty organizer clips onto shelves to give you a spot to store boxes of plastic wrap and aluminum foil so they stop taking up space on the bottom of your cabinets. Its design is slim enough to not prevent cabinet doors from closing over it, and you can use it either inside your cabinets or hanging outside off the bottom.

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This clever shelf riser works with the glasses, plates, and bowls that are in your cabinets now and can adjust its height to work with the dinnerware and glassware you'll own in the future. That kind of foresight is rare for a shelf and makes this a particularly wise purchase.

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Coffee mugs can really eat into your storage space, so these hanging racks let you keep mugs on hooks to save room in your cabinets for other dishes. Each rack has six hooks that can also be used for tea towels, oven mitts, oversized utensils (such as soup ladles), or kitchen shears. Once you realize how many things in your kitchen can be stored on hooks, you may want to rethink your whole approach to kitchen storage.

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With this set of clip-on wire baskets, you can add shelves directly to your shelves. They stay put without adhesives or screws — which also means you can move them around whenever you want — and are great for moving small items off the bottom of your shelves and freeing that space up for larger things. All your boxes of Ziploc bags will finally have a place to go.

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Getting dry goods off the bottom of your cabinets is always a smart way to free up space, and this hanging rack comes with three reusable containers that each hold just under 1 quart of ingredients. It attaches to the underside of any shelf using adhesive strips that won't damage the surface if you ever want to remove them.

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Give your dishes a reliable place to hang out in your kitchen cabinets with this bamboo shelving rack. Its shape lets it fit into corners (so it uses cabinet space more efficiently) and it works just as well in your bathroom as an organizer for all manner of toiletries.

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Because this expandable shelf unit is designed to fit around plumbing, it's a perfect fit under your kitchen or bathroom sink. Our contributor Dana found that it doubled the storage space under her kitchen sink and had convenient spots for all her cleaning products (including a bar that lets you hang spray bottles).

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Add this set of storage bins to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to help corral all the small things that have a habit of piling up into unsightly messes. Both baskets slide out so you can easily grab things without having to reach far into the back of the cabinet (which makes them a great fit under any sink).

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With this adjustable-width spice rack, you'll never worry about running out of room for new spices that you want to add to your collection. It's made from stylish bamboo and can be anywhere from 12 inches to over 21 inches wide, so you can make it fit your space precisely.

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This two-tier rack gives you the option to install it on the inside of a cabinet door either with screws or by hanging it over top. It's a great way to hold extra spices and condiments, or simply to keep your most frequently used ones in an easy-to-reach spot. Under your bathroom sink it would also be a smart place to hold extra boxes of toothpaste and cotton swabs.

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The boxes and bags that food comes in are not always the most space-efficient way to store them at home. This set of reusable containers lets you keep pasta, flour, sugar, legumes, and all manner of spices in your cabinets without taking up too much room. Every container has an airtight seal to keep food fresh, and you can stack them on top of each other to make better use of vertical storage space.

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