11 Game-Changing Butter Dishes and Gadgets We Love

published Sep 21, 2023
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Some of my colleagues here at The Kitchn and at our sister site Apartment Therapy are fans of swapping out products’ packagings for aesthetically pleasing storage containers. This has also been a big home trend in general, with internet influencers pushing everyone to forego their store-bought cereal boxes in favor of sleek plastic containers, or to throw out their Q-tip packaging and place cotton swabs in chic little glass holders, instead. In many cases, I feel like this trend can get pretty wasteful. But one instance in which I think it’s fully warranted is when it comes to storing and using butter.

Of all the bad grocery packaging out there, butter packaging has to be one of the most finicky and troublesome examples. As a result, you really are best off taking your sticks out of their annoying wax paper and placing them in one of the editor-loved tubs below. We even included some tools that’ll help you spread the essential ingredient without issue, as well as containers that’ll help it stay fresh for weeks. We swear by these finds, and we think you, too, will appreciate them a great deal.

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If you want your sticks of butter to look a bit neater, switch to storing your butter in this chic porcelain container. In addition to being able to keep both East Coast and West Coast butter fresh under its wooden lid, it has a removable butter knife that tucks into the lid, so you never have to grab one from your cutlery drawer. As a dairy-based fat, butter has a tendency to pick up other unwanted flavors that are drifting around your fridge, so this container helps your butter taste better, too.

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Whether you're enjoying corn on the cob or making toast for breakfast, this $6 butter spreader is bound to come in handy. It consists of three parts that are all dishwasher-safe: a holster that holds up to half a stick of butter, a plunger to help dispense the butter, and a cap to keep it from absorbing odors in your fridge. Once the butter is inside, you can take the cap off and press down on the plunger to move the butter forward, then spread it over whatever needs buttering. No more having to slice through a hard stick or dirty a knife!

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A unique find that flips a seemingly mundane piece of kitchenware on its head, the Slice’n Store butter dish adds much-needed functionality to a long-standing staple. Upon first glance, this dish looks like any regular butter dish, complete with a transparent covering that allows you to always keep an eye on your butter supply. But a closer look reveals two ingenious features: an integrated blade and base measurement notches.The blade cuts through cold butter with ease, while the measured markings make slicing perfectly sized pats a breeze.

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When looking to impress dinner guests, it's all about the little details. Instead of serving butter in a regular dish, for example, you can present it in these brilliant little ramekins. They boast built-in candle holders, which will keep the butter warm and melted for the entire meal. The butter warmers are perfect for every course, including the bread basket, cheese board appetizer, and perhaps a seafood entree.

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Le Creuset
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If you're really looking to up your table layout, you can't go wrong with Le Creuset's beautiful butter dish. It's made of their signature glazed stoneware, which is available in a variety of eye-catching colors. What's more, the material is nonstick and resistant to scratches and chips, making it super easy to clean. A matching dish lid also keeps the butter cool and shielded from pests.

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Our editors put multiple butter spreaders to the test, and the Zyliss spreader passed their test with flying colors. "The spreader works pretty well for cold butter and amazingly for room-temperature butter," wrote former tools editor Riddley in her review. "The blade’s substantial surface area sweeps butter across toast in one fell swoop. And guess what else? I’ve found that it’s also ideal for scooping and spreading a thin layer of condiments, like mayo or mustard, onto sandwiches." Indeed, you're sure to get plenty of use out of this innovative $7 gadget.

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Williams Sonoma

Although this butter keeper is a bit of a splurge, contributor Rochelle said hers has been worth every penny. "It’s by far the most beautiful thing I’ve ever put on my kitchen table," she wrote of the hammered copper and glass container, which is pretty enough to double as decor. "Let me tell you: That copper base positively gleams in the morning sunlight," she also noted. Beyond its looks, the butter keeper will also ensure that your butter stays solid for hours after you've taken it out of the fridge, making it perfect for entertaining.

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Beyond its adorable design, the Butter Boy butter keeper and spreader takes care of a singular messy task: buttering up fresh corn on the cob without getting your hands greasy. It holds about a half stick, so you can easily add butter to corn or, really, anything, without the mess. Contributor Alyse said the product has been a game-changer for her family, writing, "Butter Boy has now been a part of the Whitney family for three years, and he’s still going strong... (He) was the solution to our buttery-fingered woes."

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What's known as a butter keeper in the U.S. can also take the form of a French butter crock, which Rochelle noted is a bit more efficient than your average American-style container. She loves this one from Amazon, which sports a quaint and cottage-y design. "Unlike American stick storers, a small amount of cold water goes into the bottom of the crock, and this makes all the difference: It helps regulate the temperature of the butter as it waits patiently for your toast and tomato sandwiches, keeping it spreadable but not melty," she wrote in her review.

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Yamazaki Home

One of the worst parts of dealing with sticks of butter is having to peel back their fussy wax paper covers, which always leaves your hands greasy. Eliminate this problem with Yamazaki's vacuum-sealing butter dish, which also prevents the sticks from drying out and becoming crumbly. The dish is also dishwasher- and microwave-safe, so if your slab is too hard to use, just pop the whole tub in for a few seconds, heat, and spread it onto your bread without a hitch.

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If you're particular about butter ingredients, the good news is, there's an easy way to make your own! Just fill the Buttercup butter maker with heavy whipping cream, shake it up, and strain off the buttermilk. "I initially got this years ago because I thought it’d be fun to use during at-home brunches with my friend," wrote Lisa, Kitchn's former executive lifestyle director. "And guess what? It’s so much fun that I use it all the time. I make my own butter, just for the fun of it!"