Best Burger Toppings

published May 23, 2008
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Sometimes the best parties are the do-it-yourself ones. This weekend for Memorial Day, we’ll be flipping those burgers we showed you earlier this week, and setting out a huge tray of condiments and toppings so guests can customize. Here are some of our favorite burger toppings for a crowd.

Burger Topping Basics
Tomatoes (not in season yet here in the northeast US, but many seem to prefer bad tomatoes to no tomatoes at all.)
Condiments like ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise

thinly sliced gouda, cheddar and monterey jack or pepper jack
Instead of crumbly blue cheese, we serve a homemade blue cheese dressing
American plastic cheese. (The husband insists. Yes, the kind full of preservatives in individual packages.)

Sauces and Spreads
caramelized onions
sauteed mushrooms (cooked in oil, rather than bacon fat, so that vegetarians can partake)
spicy pepper remoulade
pesto sauce
horseradish sauce

Bacon needs its own special category, don’t you think? Definitely a burger essential.

Other than the basics (and the bacon) you certainly don’t need to have all of these things. But choose a few. If you like, you can put out little signs suggesting combinations and even naming them after people: The Mickey: horseradish sauce and gouda cheese. The Heath: tomatoes and onions.

What do you like on your burger?

Images: Nina Callaway for the Kitchn