I Tested Nearly a Dozen Different Brooms — And One Totally Swept the Competition

published Nov 2, 2021
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Young man sweeping floor in kitchen of tiny house
Credit: Getty Images/ Tony Anderson

I’ve never thought too much about brooms until I moved into a house with light-colored wood floors and amazing light. Suddenly, all of the dust, dirt, and crumbs on my floor are way more visible — and annoying — than ever before. So, I set out on a cleaning adventure to swap my cheap, old broom (the one I’d had since I moved into my first place) for a more effective one. It was time for a broom fit for adulting. But with so many brooms available these days, which one would keep my floor the cleanest (and motivate me to actually do the necessary sweeping)? To find out, I gathered up and tested as many different brooms as I could possibly find. There were some Very Good ones, and one totally swept the competition.

How I Chose the Brooms

To make sure I had the most solid contenders, I scoured the internet for highly rated brooms. I ordered a few five-star rated options from Amazon and hand-picked a few specialty brooms from other retailers. All of them showed promise based on high customer ratings and reviews. 

How I Tested the Brooms

My messy kitchen was the perfect lab for the test. Over the course of a week I kept all the brooms on standby, and every day I used one or two to clean my floor. I gave each one a fair shot by cleaning up bigger messes (like crushed Goldfish) as well as dust and debris. Of all the brooms I tested, here are my top three recommendations.

Runner-Up: Full Circle Clean Sweep Broom

Of all the brooms I tried, this slim bamboo one is the most aesthetically pleasing — it’s super simple and it looks at home in my sunny Scandinavian-style kitchen. It also comes with a loop on top of the handle for easy hanging! The actual sweeping was great, too: It has soft and flexible bristles that are sturdy, and the handle is comfortable to hold. Plus, the head is angled, which makes it easy to get into tight corners. But because it’s a bit more expensive, I’m rating it just a tad lower. 

Runner-Up: Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Broom

Honestly, I was surprised that this durable Amazon Basics broom performed better than some of the more expensive ones out there. While handling it feels a little clunky (which is why it’s a runner-up), the bristles have a nice angle and are a bit wider, which makes it easy to sweep more debris all at once. Also, the three-piece interlocking broom handle breaks down for easy storage — perfect if you’re tight on closet space.

Credit: Ashley Abramson
Hands down, this is the best broom!

The Best Broom: Casabella Wayclean Wide Angle Broom

It was love at first sweep with the Casabella broom. The bristles glide across my hardwood floors, and they’re dense enough to grab heavy and fine particles. One sweep grabbed everything in its path. The broom comes in three pieces, which you easily pop together and twist to secure. What’s great is that when you want to clean out the bristles, all you do is unscrew the head and wash it! 

Credit: Ashley Abramson
The Casabella earns my top vote.

Amazon accidentally sent me two, so I gave the extra to a friend — who shares my sentiment that this is the best broom of all time. We both agree the handle feels comfortable, and the bristles are an ideal combo of oh-so silky and sturdy. I’ve been using it for months now, and I’m not sure I’ll ever pick up any other broom! For the price point, you really can’t do better. It’s inexpensive, effective, and fun to use.

Do you have a favorite broom that we missed? Tell us about it, and maybe we’ll try it out!