You Wouldn’t Think It’d Be Possible to Fall in Love with a Broom — And Yet, Here We Are

published Nov 8, 2020
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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

We’re just gonna say it: Brooms aren’t exactly the sexiest of cleaning supplies. (To be fair, we’re not sure what is?) They’re a necessity and they get a job done. They’re, um, brooms. And, technically, also dust pans! But some are actually better than others. Take this set, for example. It’s the bestselling broom and dust pan set on Amazon (not counting this cute number from OXO because it’d be way too hard to sweep an entire kitchen floor with it!) and it has more than 4,300 five-star reviews. When you stop to think about it, that’s pretty darn good. Because, how great does a broom have to be in order to inspire you to log on and write a glowing review for it?

Not surprisingly, this broom has a lot going for it. First, it’s made of sturdy stainless steel and comes with an extension pole (that’s 52 inches!) so that you can sweep without bending over and straining your back. The dust pan also has an extended handle (no need to kneel down!) and built-in teeth that flip up and down to comb through the broom’s bristles. And the two pieces lock together for storage. That’s a lot for, you know, a broom!

This post is about what the Amazon shoppers who love this set have to say, though, so let’s take a look at some of those five-star reviews.

Credit: Amazon

“I have three handheld vacs, however, sometimes you just need a good old fashion broom and dust pan! Maybe you’ve broken some glass, or just need to sweep outside or it’s something that just isn’t right for those precious vacs to pick up. Well this dust pan and broom set is for you! It’s easy to assemble. When finished, you will find that the broom will clip in next to the dust pan handle and that it stands upright all on its own! The product is made of a sturdy plastic with metal broom sticks. I’ve been using a dust pan and broom from the 70s and too recently have found myself needing something better.”

“Exactly what I was looking for! Just like in picture. Very durable handles, nice broom. And I like the long length of the broom handle so I don’t have to bend at the back too much. It’s a better product that what you will find at the stores. It’s great for indoor use. Has dust comb on dust pan so that you don’t have to touch the broom to pull out dust by hand. Also has connecting clip between broom and dustpan so that it can stand up in a corner nicely.”

“This broom is amazing. It comes in a small package and is very easy to put together. It seems to be holding together very well and has not fallen apart on me. The long handle of the broom makes it very easy to sweep the floor and the dustpan works well too. I have some pets at home and some of my family members have long hair. The comb on the dustpan makes it very easy to separate the hairs/fur from the bristles of the broom and makes it so that the broom stays free of hair. Both the dustpan and the broom clip together and can be stowed away into corners in a closet/corner. I’d recommend this product to those with pets and anyone who needs a sturdy broom with a long handle, this one is great.”

Do you have a broom and/or dust pan that you love? (Adulting is fun!) Tell us in the comments below!