The 10 Best Breakfast Items at Trader Joe’s, According to One of Our Favorite Instagram Follows

updated May 12, 2021
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Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, but it’s also my favorite meal of the day. So when I was asked to choose just 10 of the very best breakfast items at Trader Joe’s (seriously, just 10?), I knew I had my work cut out for me. Narrowing down the list was a tough job, but I was willing to take on the task if it meant I had a good excuse to go to TJ’s — not that I need one. You see, I run @BlackGirlsinTraderJoes, a TJ’s fan Instagram account with more than 166,000 followers and, to be honest, I am there pretty much all the time.

After much deliberation, here are my favorite ways (frozen, fresh, and everything in between) to break my fast.

Credit: Mercedes Davis

1. Mama’s Biscuits Blueberry Lemon Cream, $4.99 for 8 ounces

These buttery, flaky blueberry biscuits can be found in the frozen section and give you that homemade feel, with less than half of the work. My favorite part is drizzling the lemon icing pouch over the final baked biscuits. These are great on their own, but I also find that they take breakfast sandwiches to the next level.

Credit: Mercedes Davis

2. Shredded Potato Hash Browns, $1.79 for 20 ounces

The best part about this entire bag of diner-quality shredded hash browns is that it costs the same amount as a small side of hash browns at an actual diner. These get crispy super easily, making them a great side to a scramble, but they also make a great addition to a cheesy egg bake.

Credit: Mercedes Davis

3. Meatless Breakfast Patties, $3.29 for 8 ounces

True story: The first time I brought these meatless breakfast patties home was an accident. Out of curiosity, I tried them and ended up being pleasantly surprised — and now they are a favorite!

Credit: Mercedes Davis

4. Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese Quiche, $2.29 for 7 ounces

Need a quick breakfast for one? These miniature quiches have the flakiest crust, and the egg center is filled with lots of cheddar. The best part: They go right into the microwave.

Credit: Mercedes Davis

5. Shakshuka Starter, $1.99 for 9 ounces

You’ve probably seen this dish of spiced peppers and stewed tomatoes on a brunch menu before, but Trader Joe’s brings it right to your freezer so you can make it at home. Just add eggs!

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Credit: Mercedes Davis

6. Pancake Bread, $3.99 for 15 ounces

If you open this package and finish the entire loaf in the same day, don’t worry — that’s pretty standard. Whenever I have this decadent crumb-topped bread, I always find myself going back to cut “just another sliver.” It’s bread, but it really does taste just like buttermilk pancakes!

Credit: Mercedes Davis

7. Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage, $3.99 for 12 ounces

Everyone remembers their first Trader Joe’s trip. (Well, at least I do.) I’ll never forget throwing this sweet-and-savory breakfast sausage into my cart. It’s now a must-have in my house.

Credit: Lauren Masur

8. Sliced French Brioche, $3.99 for 17.6 ounces

I’ve said it before, but I always, always, always pick up a loaf of this high-quality bread every time I shop at TJ’s. It’s so pillowy and eggy and it’s the only bread I use to make French toast.

Credit: Mercedes Davis

9. Almond Butter Chia Overnight Oats, $2.29 for 5.5 ounces

I love almond butter so much that I find ways to incorporate it into my day. That’s why I was so excited when I found these Almond Butter Chia Overnight Oats in the refrigerated section. There’s no prep necessary and you can eat them straight out of the fridge.

Credit: Mercedes Davis

10. Chocolate Chip Chewy Coated Granola Bars, $2.29 for 7.4 ounces

These bars remind me of the days when I’d leave the house for school and grab a granola bar to go. The best part about these is the high-quality chocolate chips throughout — and there are a lot in each bar.

Did I miss your favorite breakfast item at Trader Joe’s? What would you add to the list?