The 8 Essential Bread and Breakfast Groceries Every Home Cook Needs in 2021 and Beyond

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Credit: Courtesy of Dave's Killer Bread

One of our favorite categories in our annual Kitchn Essentials grocery list is the Bread & Breakfast category. For one, because the name makes us giggle: It’s what a bed and breakfast should be! Also because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And we love carbs.

With that, you’d think this category would have dozens and dozens of winners. But we worked hard to simplify things. Our team of editors (all avid home cooks!) spent months tasting, testing, and debating — all in order to whittle things down to a manageable list of the eight essential bread and breakfast items. Let’s take a look!

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Best Sandwich Bread
Dave's Killer Bread

There’s a clear consensus among the Kitchn staff that Dave’s Killer Bread is the absolute best for sandwiches. The 21 Whole Grains is nutty, seedy, and toasts perfectly to stand up to any condiment, cold cut, or sandwich topper you can think of. And the White Bread Done Right is essential for a classic PB&J or Fluffernutter. We are also big supporters of the company’s Second Chance Employment policy, a hiring process that grants job opportunities to people with past criminal records.

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Best Buns
Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe

We have two words for you: Shake Shack. When the ultimate in burger shops entrusts their precious patties to Martin’s Potato Rolls, you know we're talking about the real deal. But it’s not just the unrivaled burger experts of the world: Our editors called Martin’s lightly sweet and springy-to-the-touch potato buns the best freaking hot dog and hamburger buns you can buy.

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Best Rolled Oats
Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods

Bob’s Red Mill Old Fashioned Rolled Oats are the wholesome household staple we all need. We love everything about this brand — including their origin story and their 100% employee-owned approach. Oh, and their oats are all you could ever ask for, whether they’re in a warm bowl or a homemade granola.

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Best Cereal

Some things just don't need improving on. “The nostalgic but hearty taste of Cheerios in all their oaten splendor is still my gold standard cereal," says Faith Durand, Editor-in-Chief. In fact the only thing she craved when she was pregnant with her children was the simple perfection of Cheerios, in plenty of cold whole milk. "They satisfy me and fill me up, and that perfect clutch-able shape is still the best pick-up practice for tiny baby hands. They're the standard all other cereals are judged by."

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Best English Muffins

We all know the real purpose of English muffins, and that’s to serve as a vehicle to transport important food groups like butter, jam, smashed avocado, or peanut butter to our mouths. It doesn't get any better than the signature nooks and crannies of Thomas' Original English Muffins. Start your day off right and build an egg sandwich or just sop up some runny eggs with an English muffin's toasted magnificence.

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Best Breakfast Bars
Nature’s Bakery

In need of a snack for back-to-school (whatever that means these days)? Look no further. “Nature’s Bakery fruit bars are kind of like an old-school Nutrigrain or Fig Newton,” says Contributor Meghan Splawn. “My kids love them.” That sentiment was seconded by Food Editor Kelli Foster, and thirded by Studio Food Editor Amelia Rampe. The rest of the staff had their mouths full and couldn't speak.

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Best Breakfast Sandwiches
Mason Dixie

Mason Dixie started as a brick-and-mortar biscuit shop that got so popular, the owner had to go nationwide with a frozen lineup of carby goodness. And yay for that! These new frozen breakfast sandwiches are off the charts, thanks to the simple ingredients adding up to so much more than the sum of their, egg, sausage, and biscuit parts.

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Best Granola

Striking that irresistible balance between sweet and salty, and loaded with goodness like ancient grains and seeds, this granola is craveable straight out of the bag, and a dream on top of a smoothie. "It’s spendy, but I can almost always find it on sale, and then I have to buy it,” says Contributor Ariel Knutson.