Our Favorite Japanese Snack Subscription Brand Also Sells Groceries — Try These 10 Sweet and Savory Treats

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Trying new food is one of the biggest perks of


The pasta I had in Italy, the seafood I had in Maine, the hot dog I had in Chicago! And, as wonderful as it is to try local cuisines, one way you can bring these flavors back home with you is by picking up some regional snack foods. These pre-packaged treats also let you better share the memories of your travels with your friends and family.

And, thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to share international flavors — without having to leave the house. One of our favorite subscription snack box services, Bokksu, delivers a curated selection of snack food from Japan directly to your home. They also have an online grocery store called Bokksu Market where you can shop for individual food and beverages à la carte. These Japanese chips, candies, teas, sodas, and other delicious delicacies aren’t easy to find in the U.S. Check out our top snack selections and try one today — it might become your new favorite afternoon treat. (Orders over $49 get free shipping, too!)

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Every potato chip fan needs to try these potato sticks. They have a different texture and flavor than chips, and this Hokkaido Butter variety adds a distinct buttery richness that's extra enjoyable. These are also much easier to eat with your favorite dip than traditional chips because of their sturdy structure.

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Frito-Lay has slowly introduced a few new potato chip flavors into the U.S. in recent years, but there are a lot of delicious options we're missing out on. These Deep Ridged Pepper Chicken chips are spicy, salty, and savory, and great for sharing at summer cookouts (where their deep ridges come in handy with dips). Kobe Steak and Yakitori Grilled Chicken are also winners.

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Bokksu Market

These white truffle potato chips are an affordable luxury that will instantly make any lunch or snack more decadent and fun. They have a hint of garlic mixed in with the truffle flavoring, taking them above and beyond regular potato chips. Enjoy a bag at the beach whenever you want to feel a little fancy.

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Bokksu Market

These coated cookie sticks offer a bite of pure, childlike joy in the middle of any busy afternoon. They're available in a bunch of flavors, both classically sugary — Cookies & Cream, Crunchy Strawberry, and Chocolate — and a touch less sweet — Matcha Green Tea and Almond Crush.

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Shrimp chips are already delicious on their own, but this hot garlic flavor adds even more depth. Our senior commerce editor Ian Burke says this is his favorite flavor, "with the original coming in a close second place — and don't worry about them being too 'fishy,' since they taste more savory than anything else." For more spiciness, give wasabi a try.

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While I love to snack on these Sichuan pepper peanuts in between meals or as an alternative to movie popcorn, they're especially great as a cooking ingredient. Add some to your next stir fry or cold cabbage slaw to get a salty and spicy hit. Also, when you finish eating all the peanuts, you can cook with the leftover dried chilis in the bottom of the bag.

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Japan is famous for taking Kit Kats to another level, and this milk tea variety is a pleasant alternative to the regular chocolate ones that are most common in the States. The green tea flavors are so good there are actually three to choose from: Green Tea, Rich Green Tea, and Matcha Latte.

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The next time you want to snack on cheese and crackers, grab some of these oversized rice crackers to experience a delightful flavor boost. The crackers are seasoned with notes of soy sauce, sesame seeds, and bonito flakes, so each bite contains different flavors. They're so yummy, you can easily enjoy them on their own, too.

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You may have had mochi ice cream, but these mochi rice cakes have fillings that make them easier to enjoy any time of day and give you a different range of flavors to try. This three-pack bundle includes lychee, chestnut, and strawberry, or you can buy individual packs to get a taste of red bean, black sesame, matcha green tea, and more.

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As much as we love the convenience of Bokksu Market's grocery lineup, we definitely recommend trying their original monthly snack box subscription. They have different subscription plans to choose from, and each box is packed with a carefully curated selection of sweet and savory Japanese snack foods that give you something more to look forward to every month. They also make excellent gifts! (Read our full review of the service here.)