The Best Baby Bibs, According to Moms of Super-Messy Kids

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When babies start to eat solid foods, watch out. Parents go from “Aw, look at the cute face she makes when she eats a pea!” to “How did you get spaghetti on the ceiling?” in no time at all. And while keeping kids and kitchens clean often feels like a losing battle, a good bib can save you a lot of baths and loads of laundry.

These are some of the best baby bibs on the market, according to moms of super-messy kids.

  1. KLADDIG Multicolor Bib, $5 at IKEA: These IKEA bibs are a favorite with parents, because they’re basically a long-sleeved smock with a pocket at the bottom to catch some of the food the baby drops, so not every crumb or organic blueberry has to be thrown away. “In my house we call it a snack pocket,” says mom Katherine Clover. “Until very recently it was the only way we could ever feed our kid without trashing the whole outfit.”
  2. Hi Sprout Waterproof Sleeved Bib, $13: These waterproof bibs are big enough to fit a 2-year-old, which is very useful, because kids don’t suddenly become tidy eaters as soon as they’re walking and talking. These also come in a ton of cute patterns and colors, too. “We’re on our second kid and love these,” wrote mom of two, Robyn Corell. “They. Are. Amazing.”
  3. BabyBjorn Soft Bibs, $13: BabyBjorn bibs have a comparatively huge pocket that catches a lot more stuff than most bibs, and it’s relatively firm, so it’s hard for food to get folded up in creases. These are plastic, and they can be rinsed off and tossed in the dishwasher.
  4. Babies R Us Disposable Bibs, $7 for 36: Considering what babies can do to bibs, it might just be better to throw the bib away afterwards than to worry about washing it all the time. “I just bought the disposable ones,” said Rachel Schinderman. “Much easier than having to wash them over and over.”
  5. Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Infant Bibs, $14 for 10: Different babies have different needs, and that applies to bibs as well. Plastic bibs with pockets are great for kids who drop things, but for babies who spit or drool, these absorbent terrycloth waterproof bibs are great. “If you have a super-spitter, Green Sprouts are the best,” said food writer and mother of two (very spitty) girls, Naomi Tomky.
  6. Bumpkins Waterproof Superbib, $15 for three: These lightweight bibs are machine-washable and great for stuffing in a diaper bag. “I love these things. Great pocket for catching food. Lightweight, easy to pack. Washes easily, dries by next meal,” said Danielle H., a mom of four.
  7. Leather Baby Bibs, $50 at Mally Designs: A leather baby bib is a pretty unconventional choice, but these luxury bibs look great and can be personalized. And apparently leather bibs are actually functional. “Someone gave us a leather bib,” says Jaime Morrison Curtis. “Sounds weird but it’s the best! Everything just wipes right off.”
  8. The Bapron, $20 at Bapron Baby: The “Bapron” is a funny-sounding word, but these bibs are like big aprons, and they’re a great option for kids who don’t like things around their necks. “The Bapron!” says Laura Richards. “Bib + apron means they can’t get it off.” That means no premature removal while the meal is still happening.

What’s your favorite bib?

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