The 12 Best Snacks to Bring to the Beach This Summer — Especially If You Have Kids

updated Jun 22, 2021
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I’m a mom and a registered dietitian — and I know that of the many essentials required for a successful beach day with kids, snacks are very high up on the list. And while there is no shortage of choices out there, there are certain snacks that are better options than others for lots of reasons. 

I have a few requirements: First and foremost, kid-friendly beach snacks shouldn’t be sticky, melty, or require any assembly. Secondly, the snack should ideally contain protein, fiber, and/or healthy fats. (These nutrients will help kids stay satisfied for longer and avoid the possibility of having a hangry child on your hands, although I can’t make any guarantees in that department.) Finally, the best beach snacks should be easy to pack. Tossing something into a beach bag or cooler without it exploding while you are en-route is key. 

To help you pack up your beach bag, here are 12 of my favorite pre-packaged snacks that are perfect for a beach day with kiddos and check-off many of these oh-so-important boxes. 

Credit: From the Ground Up

1. From the Ground Up Purple Carrot Crackers

Crackers made with carrots? My registered dietitian heart is singing right now. These Purple Carrot Crackers from From The Ground Up are made with real purple carrots (seriously, they’re even listed as the first ingredient). Plus, a serving size is 50 crackers.

Credit: Thrive Market

2. Amara Organic Smoothie Melts

If you have a toddler in tow, you need to pick up Amara Mango Carrot Plant-Based Yogurt Smoothie Melts. These freeze-dried yogurt melts have no added sugar and are an easy snack to give little ones without any risk of choking. Toss them right into your beach bag — no refrigeration required!

Buy: Amara Organic Smoothie Melts, $4.79 for 1-ounce pouch at Thrive Market

Credit: Amazon

3. Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar Organic Chickpea Snacks

These are like the cheese puffs you used to enjoy as a child (the ones that made your fingertips turn orange), but organic, gluten-free, vegan, and chickpea-based! With 4 grams of plant protein and 3 grams of fiber for a 1-ounce serving, these delicious snacks will help keep little ones happy and satiated on the beach until its time for the next meal.  

Buy: HIPPEAS Vegan White Cheddar Organic Chickpea Puffs, $19.99 for twelve 1.5-ounce bags

Credit: Bob's Red Mill

4. Bob’s Red Mill Classic Oat Crackers

Bob’s Red Mill Classic Oat Crackers are made for crunching. Made with simple ingredients like oats, quinoa, almonds, and flaxseeds, these crackers are perfect for the gluten-free and gluten-loving crowd alike. If your brood is into more flavorful crackers, you can also snag their jalapeño, rosemary, or sesame varieties. 

Buy: Bob’s Red Mill Classic Oat Crackers, $4.99 for 4.25 ounces

Credit: Wilde

5. Wilde Brand Himalayan Pink Salt Chicken Chips

These crispy chips are made from real chicken instead of potatoes, and they offer up a crunch and a taste that you won’t believe. Protein is a great way to keep kids (and grown-ups) from getting hangry — and Wilde Brands Himalayan Pink Salt Chicken Chips contain 10 grams of protein per serving!

Credit: Amazon

6. Wonderful Pistachios, No Shells, Sea Salt and Vinegar

Pre-shelled pistachios are a great snack for older kids who can eat nuts. These Sea Salt and Vinegar Pistachios offer a good source of protein and fiber — and the serving size is 49 nuts per ounce, which feels really substantial.

Credit: Amazon

7. Raisels Golden Raisin Sours

These treats are made from real golden raisins with a similar sweet/sour taste to old-school sour gummies. The best part? They won’t melt in the sun like traditional candy — plus your kids will get some natural potassium and fiber, to boot. 

Buy: Raisels, $29.99 for 60 .7-ounce pouches

Credit: Target

8. Danimals Strawberry Explosion Pouches

When frozen, these delicious yogurt pouches double as ice packs for your cooler. Freeze a few before you hit the beach and they will help keep the rest of the food in your cooler cold as they thaw. Once thawed, kids are free enjoy these pouches — sans utensils!

Buy: Danimals Strawberry Explosion Pouches, $3.69 for four 3.5-ounce pouches at Target

Credit: Amazon

9. Seapoint Farms Mighty Lil Lentils Cinnamon and Sugar

Kids and lentils don’t always go hand-in-hand, but somehow, this crunchy roasted version that’s sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar makes little ones want to chow down. The natural plant-based protein and fiber found in these lentils will help keep kids satisfied, and the slightly sweet flavor will make them excited for this unique snack. 

Credit: Target

10. Bobo’s Chocolate Almond Brownie Oat Bites

Bobo’s chocolate almond brownie bites are oat- and almond-based brownies that are individually wrapped and hold their own in the summertime sun. Because these bars are made with real oats, they contain fiber for some extra staying power. 

Buy: Bobo’s Chocolate Almond Brownie Oat Bites, $4.49 for 5 bars at Target

Credit: Amazon

11. Epic Beef Apple Bacon Bar

One Epic Beef Apple Bacon Bar has 9 grams of protein, making it an easy protein source for busy sun-filled days. And the combo of beef and bacon makes this snack totally kid-friendly. 

Buy: Epic Beef Apple Bacon Bar, $29.99 for 12 bars

Credit: Walmart

12. Rockit Miniature Apples

Fresh fruit is always a good idea. But when theres sand abound, trying to find the best choices for little hands can be a bit tricky. Each Rockit Miniature Apple is about the size of a golf ball which makes it the perfect size for snacking.

Buy: Rockit Miniature Apples, $6.49 for 3 pounds at Walmart

What’s your go-to snack for a beach day with kids?