These Are Our Editors’ Favorite Baking Sheets

updated May 1, 2019
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If there’s one tool that we rely on more than most here at Kitchn, it’s a trusty sheet pan. Sadly, though, in a sea of Instant Pots, air fryers, and fancy blenders, the humble sheet pan doesn’t get enough credit. How else would we make all of our miracle sheet pan dinners, two-ingredient chicken bites, and the

best roasted veggies

Let’s finally give our favorite sheet pan the respect that it deserves.

First, it’s important to note that not all sheet pans get the job done. (If you’ve ever had to deal with a wonky one that completely warped in the oven when you tried to roast Brussels sprouts at 400°F, then you know what we mean.) A sturdy and reliable sheet pan is second to none, which is why we are super particular when it comes to our favorite baking sheets: Vollrath’s Wear-Ever Half-Size Sheet Pans.

Rest assured, these pans will not warp on you; they are made out of commercial-grade, 18-gauge aluminum, and have a galvanized, rod-reinforced rim. If those fancy, technical terms mean nothing to you, just know that these are sturdier than other standard home bakeware options. If you aren’t convinced, the 300-plus comments in the Amazon review section speak for themselves.

Another perk of these pans is that they have uniform heat distribution (aka no hotspots). If the goal here is to get all of those Brussels evenly browned, then you’re in luck. Good news for bakers: The light color of these pans also helps to prevent over-browning.

Here’s a tip for future owners of these sheet pans: They must be washed by hand. Do not put them in the dishwasher, as they will lose their sheen and turn a dull, dark gray. But they’ll be your new, trusty sidekick, so you won’t mind giving them a little bit of TLC. Promise.

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