Sad “The Great British Bake Off” Is Over? Keep the Fun Going With These Sweet Baking Kits

published Dec 20, 2021
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I don’t know about you, but my Fridays haven’t been quite the same since this latest season of “The Great British Bakeoff” came to an end a few weeks back. There’s something so fun about watching what creations each of the amateur bakers come up with week after week (as well as if they end up being worthy of the coveted Hollywood Handshake). So to have this new… void in my weekly routine has been a major bummer. However, as with any time a new season rolls around, watching GBB has left me wanting to bake more than ever. Tie that together with the holiday season and it has become baking central at my place. Recently, as I was cooling a batch of lemon bars and checking off my holiday shopping list, I began to wonder about all the fun baking gifts out there, specifically baking kits. So I scoured the web to see what was out there and found some sweet and salty gems I think you’ll really love. Below, check out 12 of the best baking kits that’ll make every treat in your kitchen a showstopper.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

Every great baker needs the right tools to get the job done and this Calphalon set comes with everything you could ever need to become a star baker. With a 12-cup muffin pan, 12" x 17" baking sheet, 14" x 17" cookie sheet, medium-sized loaf pan, two 9" round cake pans, a brownie pan, a covered cake pan, and cooling rack, this non-stick set is what dreams are made of. Looking for a high-end ceramic set? We also love this collection from Caraway.

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Urban Outfitters

Anyone can head to the supermarket and pick up a box of chocolate cake mix so let us be the first to assure you — this is not your average cake mix. This kit comes from none other than Jordan Rondel, aka The Caker. Beloved for her fun alternative (read: vegan, gluten-free, etc) recipes, this cake mix is all about the quality of ingredients, with each box containing the exact same chocolate used to bake this recipe in The Caker's renowned bakery. To add to the decadence, each kit also comes with a sheet of edible 24k gold leaf for a lavish finish.

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Williams Sonoma

If you're like me and didn't partake in the great sourdough bake of 2020, there's still time to unleash your inner bread baker with this DIY Sourdough Bread Kit. This commercial-quality kit comes with a bamboo proofing basket, linen proofing basket cover, a bread lame, five stainless-steel lame replacement blades, a beechwood bench scraper, and a plastic dough scraper as well as complete instructions for growing a sourdough starter and a foolproof recipe for baking the best bread at home.

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was $34.99

Who doesn't love a good doughnut? Making these popular desserts from scratch can be super messy, time-consuming, and difficult, but this churro donut kit from Sweet Accent Desserts takes all the fuss out of homemade doughnuts with tasty treats that are always baked, never fried. Each vegan-friendly kit comes with all the necessary ingredients to make at least a dozen mini vegan doughnuts including a dry mix, organic apple cause, organic virgin coconut oil, vegan chocolate chips, cinnamon sugar mix, six silicone doughnut molds, and step by step instructions. Not vegan? No worries — each instruction card offers an alternative set of instructions so non-vegans can get in on the fun, too!

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Uncommon Goods

If you've been on social media anytime over the last five years, chances are you've seen an image or two of a rainbow bagel come across your feed. What was once an NYC novelty you had to wait hours in line for can now be the newest addition to your recipe rotation. This kit has all the fixings you need to rope, loop, and bake 12 scrumptious bagels that are crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside, and bursting all over with a kaleidoscope of colors.

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Williams Sonoma

Another baking trend you've probably seen all over the internet and TV is explosion cakes (you know, those cakes that spill out mounds of sprinkles when you cut into them?). Well, Williams Sonoma teamed up with Amirah Kassem's Soho-based Flour Shop bakery to bring you this exclusive kit for whipping up your own version of the Instagram-famous cake at home. With everything from the rainbow-colored gels to the magical frosting mix to the rainbow explosion mix, creating a cake worthy of "oohs" and "ahhs" has never been easier.

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Uncommon Goods

There's something so magical about a loaf of challah. A longtime cornerstone of the Jewish sabbath and holiday celebrations, this braided bread is beloved the world over for its simple ingredients, brioche-like texture, and excellent French-toast-ability. Inside this kit, you'll find premeasured dry ingredients for eight loaves along with a recipe card complete with a video link to a step-by-step tutorial. Delicious bread awaits.

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Uncommon Goods

Ah, the French tart. The bane of many a GBB contestant's existence, this delicate treat is the definition of edible art. If you want to nail this technically challenging bake, this kit has everything you need to make the decadent little masterpieces at home. Six perforated stainless steel rings ensure an even bake to give your tart shells that gorgeous shape and color while ceramic pie weights prevent any imperfections. And don't forget the candy thermometer and piping bag to create your delectable, elegant fillings. We feel a Hollywood Handshake coming on.

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Uncommon Goods

The only thing better than baking a fresh loaf of bread? Baking a fresh loaf of dessert bread. Enter the babka. Swirly, chewy, sweet, and yeasty, there's nothing like chocolate babka – especially one with a unique take. The brainchild of Elena Vazquez Felgueres and Tamar Fasja Unikel, owners of the Chicago-based Mexican Jewish artisanal bakery Masa Madre, this kit was created so everyone can enjoy one of their renowned babkas fresh from the oven. It comes with all the dry ingredients you need, plus two compostable loaf pants, a wooden rolling pin, a bench scraper, and a recipe card.

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Uncommon Goods

It's patisserie week here and we're challenging you to make some exquisite Madelines. Developed by baker Madeleine Paulmier in 18th century France, these delectable cookies are a delight to both enjoy and see. This easy kit has everything you need to make your own at home with a delicious twist: dark chocolate with crumbled pistachio. Pre-portioned ingredients and a silicone madeleine mat are also included, so all you need is butter, eggs, and the ability to remember to set your timer.

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Uncommon Goods

Ever wonder how fortune cookies are made? Wonder no more! With the Make Your Own Fortune Cookies kit, creating your own version of the classic Chinese takeout treat is easier than you'd think. Each kit comes with all of the key ingredients, prep tools, and instructions needed to make up to 48 cookies. Packed with 60 prewritten messages, the kit also includes an edible ink pen to decorate each crispy creation and get personal with your own customized fortunes.

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was $36.95

If there's one treat generations young and old love, it's a cake pop. With BAKETIVITY's at-home cake pop kit, making these sweet treats is an activity the whole family will want to get in on. With pre-measured ingredients, easy-to-follow instructions, and decorations in box, this kit produces 12 to 15 cake pops, making it the ultimate holiday, birthday, or, heck, any day activity!

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