The Very Best Bakeware Every Home Cook Needs for 2022

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green baking sheet with various colors of roasted carrots and herbs
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We often like to say that the editors at Kitchn are a talented team of home cooks, but that doesn’t even do us justice. Because most of us are also home bakers. (We even have a cookie expert on staff!) Which means, when it came time to debate the best bakeware for our 2022 list of Kitchn Essentials, our editors had a lot to say. Things even got a little heated. Okay, that’s not true. We just wanted to use that silly half-pun.

With that, we present this list: the 16 tools you need to bake well at home. The brownie pan that will give you perfectly chewy treats with crispy edges. The baking sheet that’s also great for sheet pan dinners. The pie plate that’ll make your homemade pies look pro-level. And more. Let’s take a look.

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Best Baking Sheets
Great Jones

We don't love this sheet pan just for its cheeky name and gorgeous colors — it's also a delight to use. Made from aluminized steel, it cooks evenly, won't warp, and is basically stick-proof, which makes cleanup a breeze. Plus, the larger-than-average cooking surface means you can fit more cookies per batch. We've listed it under bakeware, but we also love using it to roast veggies and for sheet pan dinners.

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Best Quarter Baking Sheets

Half sheet pans get all the attention, but Senior Contributing Food Editor Sheela Prakash thinks quarter sheet pans — these in particular — deserve even more praise. (You get two in a pack!) "These lightweight pans are super handy. I use them to roast the perfect amount of vegetables for my family of two, toast nuts, bake fish, and more. I even use them to bake cakes."

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Best Cooking Rack

This cooling rack is sturdily constructed and has little feet on the bottom, so it can let air circulate while sitting on your counter. Groceries Editor, Mara Weinraub, loves that you get two in a set for a very reasonable price and highly recommends using them to bake your bacon.

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Best Pie Pan
Emile Henry

If you make pies (or if you aspire to make pies), this ruffled dish is what you should be baking them in. "The crust always cooks evenly (even when my wonky oven is acting up) and, like potato chips, pies are better with ruffles," says Mara.

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Best Springform Pan

A good springform pan is good for more than just cheesecake. Not only can it stand in for a round cake pan, but it's also great for ice cream cakes, tarts and quiches, and even deep-dish pizza. This springform pan in particular is our go-to, thanks to its overall quality, sturdy side buckle, and nonstick coated aluminum.

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Best 9x9 Square Pan

We're going to make a bold statement and call this the ultimate brownie pan. It gets edges perfectly crisp and chewy. That micro-texture on the bottom? It promotes airflow and easily releases your goodies when it's time to slice. Try it with any brownie recipe. You'll see.

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Best Loaf Pan

Whether you were Team Sourdough or Team Banana Bread during the peak of the pandemic, you definitely need this heavy-duty loaf pan. It turns out breads that are tall and evenly baked. And thanks to the corrugated design, your treats will pop out fairly easily.

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Best 13x9 Pan

Every kitchen should have this rectangular cake pan — and not just for sheet cakes. This metal baking pan also doubles as a casserole dish, turning out mac and cheese, lasagna, and meat casseroles with ease. It heats up quickly and is really good when you want to brown the edges of whatever you're cooking.

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Best 9-Inch Round Pan

If you aspire to make perfect, uniformly flat cakes you won't have to trim or shave, you'll want (at least) two of these sturdy round cake pans. They're durable, they bake evenly, and they have a corrugated bottom that's truly nonstick.

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Best Bundt Pan
was $20.70

Nordic Ware is known for its intricate Bundt pan designs and shapes. We picked this more classic pan because it has handles and they make all the difference when you’re trying to get the pan in and out of the oven. Just note that it’s probably going to be thinner and lighter than other Bundt pans — but that only makes your life easier!

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Best Cupcake Tin

You know that sad feeling you get when you want to enjoy your freshly baked muffins, but then realize you have to spend time scrubbing out every single cavity in the pan? "That won’t happen with this pan, which easily releases all of your precious baked goods," says Production Editor, Tracey Gertler. "And anything that does remain wipes out quickly, without much effort."

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Best Baking Mat

We love Silpat mats because they help cookies brown evenly and slide right off the tray (no parchment paper or greasing required!). While there are plenty of other silicone and similar mats out there these days, Silpat is the original and nothing compares to it. "This is the best thing ever!" says Michelle Lau, Kitchen Editor. "It makes cleanup a total breeze!"

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Best Rolling Pin
Sur La Table

Is it any surprise that the French version of a rolling pin is superior to the traditional version? We think non. Because it doesn't have handles or ball bearings, the design is much sturdier and gives you more control. This one is made of American hardwood that's extra durable and smooth.

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Best Pastry Brush
Williams Sonoma

This all-silicone basting brush is great for basting roasts and turkeys while they stay right in the oven. The long handle gives you plenty of reach and it is heat-resistant to 600°F, so it won't burn or melt. Plus, the whole thing can go right in the dishwasher — no wooden handle to worry about.

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Best Offset Spatula

If you think an offset spatula is just for frosting cakes, think again. Use this to push batter into the corners of pans and transfer a handful of cookies at once to a cooling rack. Beyond baking, you can use it to test the doneness of potatoes, lift crispy bacon out of a hot pan, and even to flip pancakes or fritters!

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Best Parchment Paper
King Arthur Baking Company

Pre-cut parchment paper sheets are a total game-changer. "I will never go back to parchment paper rolls again," Senior Studio Food Editor Jesse Szewczyk says. "Buying parchment sheets that are pre-cut, so they perfectly fit in a baking pan, is a little way to treat yourself and make baking more fun." For what it's worth, Jesse is also our cookie expert!

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