10 Baker’s Racks That’ll Keep Your Kitchen Neat and Tidy

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Your kitchen is, by its nature, a multifunctional space. It’s a place where cooking, cleaning, organizing (and disorganizing) happen every day, and every one of those activities requires specific tools. While simply finding the right kitchen gadgets can be a challenge, figuring out how to store them is a much bigger and more complicated problem. After all, your kitchen has a limited amount of floor space, so any storage solutions you add must make the most of every square inch.

What Is a Baker’s Rack?

One of the most clever storage solutions for small- and medium-sized kitchens are baker’s racks. These combine shelves, counters, cabinets, and more into a single piece of furniture, giving you hooks to hang pot lids and soup ladles, spots to arrange spices and pantry items, and places to keep pots and pans and small appliances. They got their name from bakers using them to organize big collections of specialized equipment, and they’re a smart way to get a wide range of storage space in a small footprint.

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This tiny corner baker's rack is ideal for small spaces and at just under 1 foot tall, it works either sitting on the floor or on top of your kitchen counter. Use it to stack plates and bowls if you run out of room in your cabinets, or store all your most frequently used spices and cooking oils on it so they're within reach. Its bamboo construction adds a nice bit of nature to your space, too.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
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This budget-friendly baker's rack is shorter than others so it can fit beneath hanging cabinets and is a smart option for small kitchens. The package includes 10 S-hooks to hold large utensils, such as soup ladles, that don't fit into cutlery drawers, as well as to hang oven mitts and towels. A pull-out wire mesh drawer makes for a handy spot to hold canned goods, too.

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This full-size baker's rack has a lot of open storage space that you can customize to fit your needs. It makes a great spot for holding appliances or large containers of flour, sugar, and other dried goods. Alternatively, it has enough counter space to be a separate work area when you're prepping ingredients. Plus, its storage rack has a built-in magnet strip to keep your knives nearby but out of the way.

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was $206.89

With a slim profile and great variety of storage options — including hooks, shelves, and a cupboard — this baker's rack was meant to upgrade tiny kitchens. Plus, it comes with five S-hooks that keep your ladles, strainers, and other large utensils organized.

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While this bar-cart-inspired baker's rack would certainly fare well in your living room — where it could hold books, plants, photos, or decor — it shines brightest in the kitchen. It's the right height to function as a moveable counter, so you can use it as a work area when you're making dinner or as a storage spot for dinnerware, pantry items, and appliances. Comes with 6 S-hooks for extra organizational power.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $135.90

Get a professional, almost industrial look with this all-metal baker's rack that has rolling (and locking) wheels. Because of its compact size it fits well in small spaces and doesn't mind hanging out in the corner. Plus, its open shelving design lets you access items from all four sides. Take note of the two pull-out baskets that make things easier to reach.

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Home Depot

The distressed wood look of this baker's rack may catch your eye, but its large storage areas — which include S hooks and seven shelves — will make you say, I need this in my home. It's sturdy enough to hold a microwave and other bulky appliances, and has adjustable feet pads to ensure stability.

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The coolest thing about this modern baker's rack is that it can separate into two different storage units. Keep the bottom half on the floor to create more cabinet space and add the top half on your counter (or even around your kitchen sink) to serve as an additional set of shelves. It has built-in lights that make everything easy to see, and the chic, transparent cabinet doors will definitely get compliments from your guests.

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was $129.99

With built-in power outlets for plugging in countertop appliances, metal hooks for hanging utensils, mugs, and oven mitts, and a wire tray that holds fresh produce, this all-inclusive baker's rack significantly increases the storage and work space of your kitchen.

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Home Depot

If traditional baker's racks aren't your thing, this wooden model with a walnut finish is going to look stunning in your kitchen, dining area, or even living room. With the wine bottle racks and wine glass holder, this is sort of a cross between a baker's rack and a bar cart. It has plenty of storage space, though, including a pull-out drawer with an unexpected open design.