Keep Your Sink Clean and Clutter-Free With These Under $20 Solutions

updated Jan 16, 2020
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Fact: The area around your kitchen sink actually harbors even more bacteria than the area around your toilet bowl. And if that isn’t gross enough, it certainly doesn’t help when you’ve barely got any counter space to keep things tidy and slime-free. Luckily, a quick spin through Amazon revealed all the inspiration we need to transform this hardworking spot into a streamlined area — no matter the size of your sink or countertop. From compact caddies to innovative dish racks, here are the savviest solutions for $20 or less to keep your sink zone stylish, clean and organized.

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1. Homexpect Roll-up Dish Drying Rack

This bad boy easily covers the space over most conventional sink sizes and is an incredibly convenient option when you have little to no counter space. Besides using it to dry dishes, it’s a handy tool to drain out produce as well! If you like the idea of drying dishes over the sink but want something with a little more storage room, this is another great option to consider.

Buy: Homexpect Roll-up Dish Drying Rack (17″ x 13.5″), $11

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2. mDesign Silicone Kitchen Sink Storage Organizer

We never thought we’d be calling a kitchen sink tray chic, but then we saw this minimalist, dusty pink number. It’s an easy way to keep your arsenal of scrubbers, brushes, washcloths, and scrubs pads organized, while the silicone is quick-dry so you don’t have to tackle mold or mildew! If you’re not feeling the pink, there are four other stylish color options to choose from.

Buy: mDesign Silicone Kitchen Sink Storage Organizer, $6

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3. Oxo Good Grips Compact Dish Rack

Is it just us or do conventional stainless steel racks tend to get slimy? This silicone option is easy to clean, plus it’s fitted with raised ribs on the bottom of the tray to ensure your pots and pans don’t sit in a pool of water, keeping it all super sanitary.

Buy: Oxo Good Grips Compact Dish Rack, $20

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4. Simplehuman Sink Caddy with Suction Cup

Most caddies can easily accommodate shorter brushes, while the longer ones tend to awkwardly loop over, constantly falling into the sink. Simplehuman’s rust-proof caddy comes with a cubby where the bottom of the brush holder pops-out to easily fit longer brushes, while the cubby next to it can conveniently hold sponges. Also, a shout-out for adding four suction cups to ensure everything stays put!

Buy: Simplehuman Sink Caddy with Suction Cup, $17

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5. Emibele Jewelry Organizer Oval Resin Tray

Ever had your wedding ring slip through your soapy fingers while doing the dishes and go down the drain? It’s happened to me and let’s say it’s not fun! Keep this pretty tray handy to safely store precious items like rings and delicate watches.

Buy: Emibele Jewelry Organizer Oval Resin Tray, $14

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6. Adhesive Sponge Holder – Kitchen Sink Organizer

This fuss-free, compact option has space to accommodate both your dish soap and sponge while the base has a sticky adhesive that stays strongly in place on your counter ( goodbye, fussy suction cups!). Brownie points for the removable tray that collects water and suds, making the whole thing easy to maintain.

Buy: Adhesive Sponge Holder Kitchen Sink Organizer, $13

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7. Umbra Saddle Sink Caddy

If you’re lucky enough to have a saddle sink, then you’ll definitely want this ridiculously simple yet functional sink caddy from Umbra. There’s just enough room to store your essential cleaning must-haves while the flexible caddy also has draining holes to prevent those nasty slime pools. Even better? You can throw it in the dishwasher every couple of weeks to keep it all sanitary and fresh.

Buy: Umbra Saddle Sink Caddy, $5