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50 Best Gifts on Amazon (That’ll Arrive on Time!), Starting at Just $6

updated Dec 14, 2023
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Let’s face it: Finding the perfect gift for your food-loving friend or loved one can be a daunting task. Chances are, anyone who’s an enthusiastic home cook most likely already owns a collection of bakeware, cooking tools, and grill essentials that they love (and have opinions on which brands they prefer). If you’re on the hunt for a thoughtful yet practical food gift for the upcoming holiday season (or any birthdays or special occasions on your calendar!), why not check out the many amazing kitchen gifts on Amazon? With tons of cool cooking gift ideas ranging from cookware to condiments, you can find something they’ll love that’s often at a price you’ll love, too.

We scoured the shelves (so to speak) and picked out a selection of editor-tested favorites, as well as some standout reader- and shopper-loved items. Below, you’ll find a wide range of options, such as gifts for coffee lovers, including gourmet roasts and a large French press, plus baking gifts for novices and pros alike. After reading through this list of the best Amazon kitchen gifts, you’ll know exactly what to buy them this year — and you may pick up something for yourself, too!

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In our opinion, everything tastes better with a sprinkle of Maldon Sea Salt. This 8.5-ounce container is the perfect size for gifting, and we guarantee it will make a crowd-pleasing addition to any discerning home cook’s spice cabinet.

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was $115.00

This sleek, multi-tasking saucepan is durable but still lightweight, and it's free of PTFE and PFOA (the toxic chemicals found in old nonstick cookware). Plus, it's safe to use on gas, induction, and electric stovetops, and is also oven safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Non-toxic? Check. Works on any stovetop and in the oven? Double check. Easy to cook in and clean? You bet! Doesn't get much better than that.

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Know someone who loves Vietnamese coffee from the local cafe? Gift them this large-capacity phin filter, and they'll have everything they need to make their own delicious brew at home. Slow, precise circulation and a convex design help extract the most flavor from the grinds, delivering a smooth cup every time.

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was $52.99

This affordable knife from Cutluxe rivals the expensive ones, making it a great gift for someone who's in need of one do-it-all, high-quality chef's knife. With a substantial, comfy handle and a thin-yet-durable blade, this baby can slice and dice whatever comes its way, from kombucha squash to delicate herbs.

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If you have a coffee-loving camper on your gift list this year, they'll adore this lightweight, convenient straw that eliminates the need for a coffee filter when they're on the go. Measuring just 7.8 inches long, it significantly simplifies the brewing process — all your giftee has to do is mix their grinds (or tea leaves) with water, and the straw will filter it out, delivering a smooth mouthful in every sip.

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was $38.00

Spark happy memories of your giftee spending time in Grandma’s kitchen with this candle from editor-favorite brand Homesick. Through notes of apple, butter, clove, and vanilla, it captures the nostalgic, homey feeling of apple pies baked with love.

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was $46.99

A tried-and-true hand-crank conical burr grinder, the JavaPresse has 18 adjustable settings and works with any machine, from espresso machines to traditional coffee makers. The handy gadget even features patented dual-plated ceramic burrs that last five times longer than comparable stainless steel burrs. Plus, it has a small footprint, so it’s great for anyone with limited counter space.

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Kitchn commerce editor Ian is obsessed with these tulip glasses. The elegant, all-purpose workhorses are equally fantastic for beer, wine, liquor, mixed drinks, and pretty much anything else you’d want to put sip on. The tapered shape concentrates aroma, helps retain foam atop beer and creamy cocktails, and increases the strength of the glass itself.

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If you know someone who loves to cook — but hates lingering over a hot stove — this genius pot stirrer could be just the gift for them. The handy attachment works with any pot and spoon to constantly circulate things like stew and risotto to prevent clumping and sticking.

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was $21.99

Fresh popcorn at the touch of a button? Yes, please! Any movie fan needs this hot air popcorn maker that can pop up to 16 cups and even features a butter warmer. And because it's compact, it can fit in any space for easy access to their favorite snack.

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Encourage your loved one to write down their favorite recipes or make a stockpile of family favorite dishes with this charming tin recipe box. It comes complete with alphabet dividers and recipe cards — not to mention, it looks adorably retro on the countertop.

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For a simple food scale that any baker will love, look to this Amazon pick. It has everything they need, including an LCD display, sealed buttons for protection against messy ingredients, a tare feature, and a wide range of colors to choose from. It's a thoughtful, budget-friendly pick that they'll use constantly!

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was $27.99

Many home cooks rely on their favorite cookbooks to guide their way in the kitchen, but juggling constantly flipping pages and messy hands is (literally) a recipe for disaster. Snag them this cookbook stand to keep their pages in place — it also makes a great place to display their go-to picks in a pretty way.

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was $39.95

Any home chef, griller, or regular host needs this sleek ceramic pepper mill that not only makes our Best List every year but also happens to be Ina Garten's go-to pick as well. You can choose your grind setting, from fine to coarse, with just a simple twist.

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was $24.99

As one of our favorite gifts for iced coffee lovers, you can't go wrong with the HyperChiller drink cooler. At just $25, it can chill hot coffee or tea or room temperature wine in just 60 seconds. Simply fill it with water and let it freeze, then pour your drink inside for an almost instantly-chilled beverage. Say goodbye to watered-down drinks!

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was $119.00

There’s nothing worse than uncorking a great wine with only the option to finish it or let it go to waste. Enter: the Coravin wine preservation system, here to save the day. It contains two pivot stoppers and a special device to seal them to the mouth of the bottle, delaying oxidation and extending the life of the wine for up to four weeks. They’re designed to be poured without removing the cork, keeping the wine tasting like new for its entire life, and you can re-use the stoppers over and over once you’ve finished the bottle.

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Proper ice is an oft-overlooked hosting essential. Once you freeze your first batch of perfectly oversized squares using this craft ice mold from Tovolo, we promise you’ll never go back to those standard-sized ice cube trays.

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was $39.99

There's not a person on the planet who wouldn't appreciate a gift from Yeti. This versatile tumbler holds 20 ounces of liquid, making it the ideal accessory to bring along to your next tailgate or camping trip. Like all Yeti items, it performs like a boss when it comes to keeping things hot or cold and will last for years to come.

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was $34.25

When it comes to quality cast-iron cookware, we continually look to trusted brand Lodge. This 10.25-inch skillet is a Kitchn editor favorite for its unparalleled heat retention, oven-safe functionality, and even heating, scoring you the perfect braise or sear.

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was $51.80

Every baker needs a reliable set of baking pans, and this three-piece aluminum set from Nordic Ware is an Amazon top-seller for good reason. Included in this set are a quarter sheet, half sheet, and a jelly roll, all finished with encapsulated galvanized steel rims to prevent warping over time. Our Kitchn editors turn to this set time and time again as the perfect gift for a hostess or anyone who loves to bake.

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Made with fair trade-certified beans, this delicious dark roast coffee from Black-owned brand BLK & Bold has become one of our go-to brands to fuel our daily grind. We also love that BLK & Bold contributes 5 percent of their profits to support at-risk youth both locally and nationally. This is seriously a gift that keeps on giving.

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was $20.99

You’ll never overcook a steak again, thanks to this best-selling digital instant-read meat thermometer from ThermoPro. A food-grade stainless steel probe provides an accurate temperature readout in as little as three seconds, and a backlit display means you can easily use this bad boy when you’re grilling on the back deck once the sun goes down.

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was $629.95

Oh, Vitamix, how we love thee. If you’re willing to invest in a high-quality blender, we recommend this Vitamix Professional Series to take your smoothies to the next level. Our editors are obsessed with this powerful blender to make everything from frozen drinks to salsa to soups, and we think this makes one seriously thoughtful gift for health buffs.

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Anyone who owns a cast iron pan knows how important it is to properly clean and care for their cookware. This top-selling heavy-duty cast iron brush and scraper makes easy work out of removing those brown bits and residual oil that cling to the corners. Plus, the 9-inch bamboo handle is super comfortable to hold and grip during cleaning.

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was $10.99

Our editors swear by this power condiment to add that little extra punch to egg dishes, pan-fried noodles, and so much more. Crunchy, intensely savory, and with just the right amount of heat, this is one of the best condiments you can gift heat-seeking foodies.

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For anyone who makes coffee at home, a handheld milk frother is a must-have kitchen tool — especially if that coffee is being mixed with oat milk or nut milk. This top-selling frother is compact, easy to use, and comes from one of the best names in the biz. Your morning coffee just got so much better.

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Treat the breakfast lover in your life to a collection of bespoke jams from the famed Stonewall Kitchen brand. Your recipient will have the tempting choice between raspberry peach champagne jam, sour cherry jam, strawberry jam, and wild blueberry jam — all surefire ways to doctor up their morning toast.

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was $25.00

Vases are the ideal hostess gift — simply place a beautiful bouquet of flowers inside, tie it with a ribbon and you're the kindest person on the guest list. We recommend snagging this gorgeous green glass style to have on hand for upcoming parties and events.

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was $25.00

Sometimes people need a bit of a push out of their comfort zone. Encourage an English Breakfast die-hard to be a bit more adventurous with a sampler set from Tea Forte. The dynamic box includes 10 different blends to help them mix things up a bit, with unique picks like green mango peach, chamomile citron, and black currant.

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For someone who can easily tell their Brie from their Camembert, there's this epic swivel serving board that will level up their charcuterie game even more. It features plenty of space for snacks, four dishes for spreads (or more snacks!), and a hidden compartment that stashes away must-have cheese serving utensils. They'll never entertain without it again.

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This cookbook from Nadiya Hussain — winner of everyone's favorite saccharine Netflix show, The Great British Baking Show — is filled with heirloom-worthy recipes like rhubarb and custard butter kisses, Key lime cupcakes, and more.

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There's not a person on the planet who wouldn't appreciate a gift from Yeti under the tree. This versatile rambler holds a half-gallon of liquid, making it the ideal accessory to bring along to holiday sledding sessions and early-morning walks. Like all Yeti items, it performs like a boss when it comes to keeping things hot or cold and will last for years to come.

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Upgrade their tablescape (or year-round coffee bar) with this glam set of gilded coffee spoons. Sure, they're a bit extra, but couldn't we all use a fancy afternoon pick-me-up every now and then?

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was $80.00

These pop art-inspired coasters — the brainchild of design icon Jonathan Adler — would make a great decorative upgrade to any bar cart or coffee table. Gift them to anyone who could happily spend all day at the MoMA.

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Beyond being absolutely adorable, these eco-friendly wood pulp and cotton dishcloths are impressively absorbent. The cloths absorb up to 15 times their own weight and can be simply tossed into the washing machine after use. Say goodbye to single-use paper towels.

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was $50.00

This 34-ounce French press is functional, stylish, and incredibly easy to use. We’re completely loving the pretty copper finish and think it would make even the most finicky of coffee aficionados swoon over their morning cup.

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Some of the most thoughtful Amazon gifts also happen to be the most practical. These reusable silicone food savers help keep halved bell peppers, avocados, and onions fresher for longer in the fridge, and they’ll actually encourage you to use up those leftover bits and pieces in your next meal prep session.

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Every home cook knows how important a solid cutting board is, and we stand by this sustainably sourced wood pick from Epicurean. With a built-in groove to collect juices, rubber feet for stability, and dishwasher-safe functionality for easy cleanup, this cutting board is both lightweight and durable.

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If you haven't tried Mike’s Hot Honey on your pizza yet, have you ever really lived? This slightly sweet, deliciously spicy hot honey can be drizzled on everything from soft cheese to fried chicken wings. It’s also delicious added to marinades and vinaigrettes to add a touch of subtle heat.

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This top-selling burr coffee grinder is super simple to use with an easy on/off switch, an impressive 40 different grind settings, and a spacious hopper. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life, your search ends right here.

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You’ll never reach for the parchment paper again while baking thanks to this genius silicone baking mat. It helps cookies brown evenly and slide right off the baking pan, which saves serious time and energy during cleanup.

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was $99.99

Whipping up a weeknight salsa or pesto? A food processor will help you evenly chop those veggies. This 5-cup cordless chopper from KitchenAid eliminates the hassle of plugging in your clunky food processor and is also small enough to conserve precious counter space during food prep.

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Why try just one variety of TRUFF Hot Sauce when you can try all three at once? This Oprah-approved hot sauce gift pack comes with the brand’s original TRUFF Hot Sauce, TRUFF Hotter Sauce, and TRUFF White Truffle-Infused Hot Sauce for the full truffle experience. Try all three on your next slice of pizza to intensify those savory flavors.

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was $13.99

Women-owned brand Copper Cow makes delicious Vietnamese-style coffee, and we love this classic kit. For a coffee lover who seemingly owns every grinder, coffee maker, and coffee bean blend out there, we recommend upgrading their barista station with this unique set.

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If you've ever dreamt of giving the gift of the sunset, you can now with this amazing projection lamp. It bathes any space in the warm, inviting light of a sunset. This tiny lamp is the secret behind those trendy, atmospheric TikTok videos, and it's a fantastic gift choice for your friends or a treat for yourself.

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was $19.99

If your giftee wants to keep these fabulous candles as décor and never light them, who can blame them? That's why they come in pairs — one for show, one for glow. And, by the way, these candles give off a lovely floral scent that's a hit during the holidays and beyond.

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Gift a touch of cool with the Corkcicle Tumbler, featuring a spill-proof lid and a straw, as featured in Oprah's Favorite Things. It's a must-have for friends who love their drinks hot or cold on the move, and the sleek design is both stylish and convenient. A few of our staffers own this water bottle and can back Oprah on its quality — it's that good.

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If you're looking for a practical gift idea, check out this Tupperware FridgeSmart Tall Storage Container. It keeps fruits and veggies fresher for longer, making it perfect for anyone who's into saving money and reducing food waste.

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This candle warmer lamp is the perfect gift for your design-savvy friends. It's got a stylish wood base and a modern lamp look that'll jazz up any space. Plus, there is no more need for matches — you get all the sweet candle scents without any smoke hassle. It's a great gift for those who love a cozy vibe without the fuss of burning candles.

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was $32.99

This awesome wine caddy stores both your wine bottles and wine glasses for easy entertaining. It’s available in a natural wood tone and a black finish and really turns your wine selection into a centerpiece