My Fridge Is Filled with Cans and Bottles, but This Amazon Organizer Saves Me Tons of Space

published Mar 5, 2023
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various drink containers (bottles, etc) stored in fridge on amazon drink storage rack
Credit: Ashley Abramson

I’m a really big fan of drinks. Whether it’s iced tea, sparkling water, kombucha, or a fancy adaptogenic soda, you can usually find me with at least two beverages at my work station at any given time. On the one hand, I’m probably pretty well-hydrated. On the other hand, my refrigerator is almost always a cluster of cans and bottles shoved any which way — which can make finding breakfast ingredients or my kids’ yogurt a bit time-consuming. 

To save space in the refrigerator, my husband and I recently invested in a small beverage fridge, which we keep in our mudroom. Storing canned drinks there definitely saves room in the kitchen, but I wanted some of my favorite drinks — my go-to Trader Joe’s iced green tea in a big glass bottle, and my favorite bottle of Sauvignon Blanc — to stay in the main fridge. The beverage fridge isn’t big enough for lots of bottles, for one thing, and I like having my more routinely consumed drinks in the kitchen for easy access. 

I knew the old shove-on-a-shelf method wouldn’t work if I wanted the fridge to stay organized — so when I saw these highly rated but affordable stackable drink storage racks on Amazon, I felt hopeful. As with any other storage area, using more vertical space in the fridge can save much-needed real estate on the surrounding shelves, along with keeping rolling bottles contained. After reading some glowing reviews, I bought a set of two, which I tucked onto the main shelf next to my other favorite fridge organizer (an acrylic caddy with compartments and wheels, where I store peanut butter, almond butter, and jelly for easy lunch-making). 

So far, I’m so glad I took the leap: The racks stack easily, and are surprisingly sturdy, so they can support heavy glass bottles, and they’re the perfect size. They’re meant for storing standard bottles of wine, and right now I do have a bottle of white stored in one. I’ve been using the other rack to store my 31-ounce bottle of green tea, which fits well. My coffee creamer also fits, but other bottles, like iced coffee, milk, and juice, are a little too wide. So far I haven’t experienced any spills, but it’s also helpful that the rack is so easy to clean — just bring it over to the sink, and scrub away with your normal dish soap. 

I’ve only been using the rack for a week or so, but it’s already making my overall refrigerator navigation less stressful — there are no more bottles rolling around, and I don’t have to dig as much to find food around them. Having one well-organized section of the fridge has also inspired me to keep the rest of the shelves neater; it felt weird for the surrounding areas to be disheveled with one area that looked so nice. 

The best part, though, is how much room I’ve saved using vertical space. I can easily fit all my groceries in the fridge without cramming them, which is so helpful, as I’ve been meal planning more. 

If you’re frustrated by bottles all over the place, or you just want to make better use of a small (or full) fridge, I can’t recommend these racks enough!

Buy: Jinamart Stackable Wine Storage Rack, $14.49 (originally $25.48)