These Magical Containers Instantly Doubled My Cabinet Space

updated Jun 30, 2021
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woman reaching into kitchen cabinet
Credit: Namomooyim/Shutterstock

In theory, the pretty IKEA glass storage jars seemed like such a great idea that I didn’t think twice before snagging two-and-a-half dozen of them in assorted sizes. But after almost two years of using them, I realized that while they may work for someone with a larger kitchen, in my current tiny setup they’re simply space hogs. Not to mention that they’re incredibly heavy and the lids are just clunky and a pain to use. In any other situation, I might have just let them be, but given my recent deep-dive into cooking, which has led to a significantly bulkier pantry, I decided it was time for a more practical, space-saving solution. That’s when I came across the Shazo 60-piece airtight food storage container set on Amazon.

If I had to describe these containers in one word (OK, two!), it would simply be: game changing! In my pre-Shazo life, I could stack just four medium 34-oz. IKEA canisters on a single shelf; the larger ones, filled with everyday essentials like flour, sugar, and oats, had to live in an under-the-counter cabinet due to space restrictions. Getting to the right jar always felt like a complex game of Jenga, and many times I had to place everything on the floor before finding what I was looking for. Since the bulky containers took up so much space, it was hard keeping track of what I had in my kitchen, and I usually ended wasting food or buying double.

Credit: Sholeen Damarwala

But with the Shazo containers, my tiny cabinets are way more functional. My set of 30 containers is made up of six teeny-tiny round containers that I use for storing spices; eight 16.9-oz. containers; six 30.4-oz. containers; six medium-size 40.5-oz. containers; two larger 67.6-oz. containers; and two incredibly roomy 84.5-oz. containers. And the best part? Except for the tiny round ones, every container has the exact same lid. Which means I’ll never again spend a second of my time struggling with mismatched lids.

Besides instantly doubling my cabinet space (with a little extra room to spare), the containers have also given me way more control and clarity over my pantry contents. For instance, everything is built to neatly stack on top of each other, and the sleek design makes it easier to keep track of items. The containers also come with helpful labels and a white marker — a lifesaver if, like me, you tend to have a hard time distinguishing between lentils and very similar-looking dried beans. And unlike glass containers, these lightweight, BPA-free plastic ones are a whole lot easier to handle.

I’ve had my containers for almost two months now, and I couldn’t be happier. They make cooking easier and help me stash more in my cabinets, which has tremendously reduced food waste. While Shazo has a ton of other storage container sets to choose from, the 60-piece set is one of their most comprehensive options. As for my IKEA jars? I’ve used a few to store essentials in the bathroom, while the rest have doubled up as planters for my growing plant collection.