Bento Boxes: Halloween for Your Lunch Year Round

(Image credit: Flickr User Gamene)cc by 2.0

Perhaps like me, you’ve gone down the bento box rabbit hole on Pinterest a time or two? These little action packed lunches are full of story, color, and delicious bites that any kid (and let’s face it — any adult) can’t resist. Spooky theme or not, bento boxes are the Halloween of lunches year round!

We’ve been following this Bento Zen‘s genius for some time now, and it’s full of exciting characters. Mozzarella parading as three little bears? A smiling matryoshka doll made of cheese and nori? While I can only dream of waking up early enough to make a work of art for lunch, these boxes are inspiring to say the least!

Have you tried your hand at making bento boxes?