The Surprising Kitchen Upgrade I Would Splurge on Again and Again

published Mar 23, 2023
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Stack of edible mushrooms, vegetables and fruits (tomatos, avocado, zucchini, oranges, apples, grapefruits, kohlrabi, chinese cabbage, savoy cabbage, cucumbers, radicchio) on countertop in modern rustic kitchen.
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In our busy home, the sink is the true workhorse in our kitchen. When we were planning our kitchen remodel, I wanted to invest in something that would make cooking for my family of seven easier. Cue: the Kohler Prolific workstation sink. I know you can buy a big stainless steel sink for a few hundred dollars, but this felt like a necessary splurge for our family.

Of course, I can (and have) prepared food for my family with nothing more than a tiny sink in an Airbnb, or even no sink at all if you count cooking while camping — but as a busy mother, I wanted to design this kitchen specifically to make my life easier long-term. I was fortunate enough to be able to splurge on a sink with functionality that will help our large, busy, hungry family run smoothly, so I went for it.

While the workstation sink is pricey (although the price has risen significantly since we bought ours; we paid less than $900), we’ve been using it for over six months now, and I’ve been thankful every single day for how it helps our kitchen function.

The workstation sink makes use of the previously underutilized space within the sink, even when we’re not doing dishes. My sink came with a cutting board, a soaking basin, a colander that fits into the basin, and a few drying racks. The sides of the sink are grooved, so you can set these tools and accessories into the sink at the level that best fits the situation, plus you can easily slide them over to accommodate various tasks that you need the sink for. 

I use the sink accessories several times a day. Cutting produce on the cutting board that rests in the sink leaves more counter space for other tasks, like my husband making lunches. Additionally, it keeps the counters clean, cutting down on cleanup time. Finally, having the cutting board rest over the sink means it’s convenient for me to toss food scraps into the garbage disposal or compost bin

The drying racks also help keep our counters clear. We use them to dry the odd mug or plate that we use during the day between larger meals, and we also set our rags and sponges on the drying rack so they’re off the counter, out of sight, and able to dry thoroughly between uses. 

I can’t wrap without raving about the the colander and soaking basin — my favorite parts of our workstation sink. Using them together makes washing berries, lettuce, and other produce so easy. I pour the fruits or veggies in, turn on the water, and let them soak for a little while. I swish them around in the water to remove dirt and debris, then I lift the colander out of the basin to drain the water. I give them a final rinse while they sit in the colander. Everything stays over the sink but at a convenient height, with the whole setup maneuvering easily. 

The colander also makes it super easy to drain and rinse canned foods or noodles without dirtying another dish. The wash basin, used alone, is perfect for quickly thawing meat in cold water, or as a soaking bin, filled with warm soapy water, to stash dirty cooking utensils while I cook. 

Trust me, I could go on. The Kohler workstation sink was an investment, for sure, but it’s proven to be a supremely worthwhile one that I’d make again without hesitation.

Buy: Kohler K-5540-NA Prolific Undermount Workstation Kitchen Sink, $1,285.99 (originally $1,438.99)