Must-Watch Bell Pepper Prep Tips!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’ve seen people go to great lengths to chop up a bell pepper. There’s the technique where you saw around the stem (sometimes while poking your hand a few times) and then awkwardly scoop out the innards with your fingers. Or the chopping in half method which leaves some delicate interior cutting to remove the white parts. Now watch the LA Times test kitchen break down a bell pepper in no time — without any scooping, sawing or dainty carving!

The first step to bell pepper bliss? We’ve showed you our method, and the LA Times test kitchen takes things one step further. Cut off the top and bottom of the pepper to create an even flat base for chopping. Then place the pepper on end and slice the sides off from the middle. No fuss!

Watch the video: Test Kitchen video tip: Breaking down a bell pepper at the Los Angeles Times

(Images: Flickr user Thomas Hawk licensed for use under Creative Commons)