Before & After: How I Solved My Servingware Pile Problem

published Mar 26, 2015
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(Image credit: Erika Tracy)

Last on my list in my kitchen organization project is the one deep, dark corner cabinet. We all have them and I’m guessing no one likes them, but I found a way to make mine work for my servingware collection by adding one simple (no-brainer) organization tool.

My Problem: A Pile of Serving Dishes

My deep, dark corner cabinet has no pull-out shelves and about a 12-inch opening sandwiched between the refrigerator and stove. A Jenga-like pile of servingware sat just at the opening (directly in the way of anything else that attempted to exit).

I’ve repeatedly shoved various less-used things into the dark recess and ignored the servingware until it was time to entertain. Queue the huffing and puffing and typically a big, clattering crash. My heavy Crock-Pot and Dutch oven even lived next to them before I found a place for them on my now-delightful corner cabinet lazy Susan.

(Image credit: Erika Tracy)

My Simple Solution

Everything changed when I added a simple cutting board organizer. Using my deep, dark area of the cabinet to house the organizer (instead of random and seldom-used things) helped me see all the pieces and access each one by lifting them up above everything else that uses the floor space of the cabinet.

Now that deep, dark corner is fully utilized and I’ll never have to crawl into the back corner again. Queue the celebration! (You may not believe it, but there were a few things back there I even forgot I owned. How embarrassing.)

(Image credit: Erika Tracy)
(Image credit: Erika Tracy)

A few of the divided servingware pieces were too thick for the organizer, so I added those to the shelf that runs along the back wall as well as some small, seasonal platters I had stored elsewhere.

Other seldom-used things (like a cupcake carrier and roasting pan) aren’t buried in the back anymore either, but instead sit low-profile just at the cabinet opening, ready and waiting for their turn. I’m ready for a party now, folks!

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Have you used a similar product to organize something in your kitchen? Or do you have a space like my current dream china cabinet to store your servingware collection?