Beer Review: Watermelon Wheat Ale from 21st Amendment Beer Sessions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Watermelon? Wheat beer? In a can? I had to try it.

Beer Details: Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer from 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco, CA (ABV 4.9%, 14 IBUs)

Appearance: A bright sunny-lemon color up against the light, hazy with unfiltered yeasts. The lively cap of foam quickly settled down into a thin froth.

Aroma: Surprisingly tart and musty, like sour candies. Lots of citrus buoying everything up.

Taste: That watermelon flavor just rolls across the tongue. More than anything else, this wheat beer made me think of old-school watermelon Jolly Ranchers: sweet, smooth, and fruity. Pale malts add a biscuity undertone to the sip, but otherwise let the watermelon juiciness shine. There’s a bite of astringency at the end that’s not unlike nibbling too close to the rind.

I would have like a little more body to this beer. As it is, the light flavor and light mouthfeel leave it feeling…very light. I’m thinking this would be a good beer to take out to the front stoop and sip with the neighbors on a long summer evening.

Food Pairings: Go for lighter fare with this beer: a simple garden salad with some sliced chicken breast would be perfect.

What do you think of this beer?