Beer Review: Victory’s Storm King Stout

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Dark and bitter, but with a surprising hit of sweetness rising from the depths? Now this is a beer crafted specifically for the dog-days of winter.

Beer Details: Storm King Stout from Victory Brewing Company, Downington, PA (Imperial stout, 9.1% ABV)

Appearance: Ruby glints show in the light as you pour, but this stout settles thick and dark in the glass. It’s so brown it might as well be black. The cap of mocha-colored foam sticks around long after the bottle is poured.

Aroma: A curious combination of dark chocolate torte, burnt sugar, and of all things, damp firewood.

Taste: The first sip gives an impression of sweet coffee, freshly made and with a few spoonfuls of sugar stirred in. It’s incredibly smooth and nearly creamy. Raw chocolate flavors emerge along with a distinct nuttiness and the occasional hint of cherry, becoming more pronounced and balanced as the beer warms. It’s bitter and roasty and sweet all at once.

This is a big heavy beer with an ABV to match. It’s definitely one to drink gradually over the course of an evening so you can have time to appreciate all its little flavors and nuances.

Pairing: Try this with a plate of artisan cheeses, the runnier and creamier the better.

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