Beer Review: Irish-Style Lager from Rogue Ales Beer Sessions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Crisp and juicy, a mug of this lager from Rogue Ales is an excellent way to toast St. Patrick’s Day, no matter what hour of the day you start celebrating!

Beer Details: Irish-Style Lager from Rogue Ales, Oregon (pale lager, 5% ABV)

Appearance: Apricot-orange against the light. Hazy with a quickly dissipating head of white foam.

Aroma: Clean lemony hop aroma with a surprising (and intriguing!) dollop of tangy yeastiness.

Taste: This truly would be a good beer to start off a day of celebration! It’s light and refreshing, and not too filling or overly-complicated. It starts off with a lot of sweet and juicy fruit flavors – apricot and orange, especially. This leads right into a crisp bite of granny smith apple. The pale malts show up in a soft white bread flavor throughout the sip.

The beer is fairly one-dimensional, and I would have liked a little more hop bitterness to balance out the light flavors and add some depth. But it’s very easy to drink and makes a nice change from all the heavy, bold beers we’ve been drinking all winter long.

Food Pairings: For St. Patrick’s Day, you can’t go wrong pairing this beer with a plate of corned beef and potatoes.

Have you tried this Irish-style lager? What do you think of it?