Beer Review: Gluten-Free Pale Ale from Omission Beer

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I have been insanely curious to try this gluten-free pale ale from Omission Beer ever since I first heard about it. Gluten-free beers are notoriously mediocre, but this one has been making waves of the omgwow! sort in the beer community. Until very recently, Omission’s beers were only available in Oregon and a few select bars outside the state, so when I saw a bottle at my favorite local brew shop, I snatched it up and headed straight home.

Beer Details: Gluten-Free Pale Ale from Omission Beers (pale ale brewed with a patented process to remove all gluten before bottling, 5.8% ABV, 33 IBU)

Appearance: Clear honey gold with a thick (and very persistant) head of off-white foam. Lots of bubbles streaming up the glass. Nice lacing down the glass as I drink the pint down.

Aroma: Very light — just a whisper of sweet malts

Taste: Ok, wow. Yes, like omgwow! If you’ve been bitterly disappointed by gluten-free beers in the past, this one is going to satisfy your craving. It has a spicy malt flavor, like biting into whole grain toast, and a sweet caramel undertone. The hops are present, but not super aggressive. They appear mid-sip with the flavors of dried herbs and a squeeze of lemon juice. The slick, medium-bodied mouthfeel was an extra surprise — this beer feels substantial and satisfying.

You would absolutely never guess that this beer was gluten-free. This is the kind of easy-drinking beer you want at the end of a long day. It’s not going to blow your socks off with anything crazy, but it’s a solid sipping beer when you need one. If you miss your pints since going gluten-free, you absolutely must seek out a six-pack of this pale ale from Omission. Even as someone who doesn’t have to stick to gluten-free foods, I would definitely drink this again.

P.S. They also make a lager!

Food Pairings: I kept thinking about tacos as I drank this beer. Something rich but light, with a little spicy salsa kick, would be absolutely perfect, especially if you can have your dinner outside on a patio and watch the sun go down.

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Have you come across this beer yet? What do you think of it?

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