Beer Review: Four in Hand IPA from World Brews Beer Sessions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I thought I’d squeeze in one more hop-tastic IPA before we move on to the darker, maltier beers of the colder months. This one was new to me, a gift from a friend and fellow beer-appreciator. I’m thinking it will make a fitting salute to the last days of sunshine and backyard parties.

Beer Details: Four in Hand IPA from World Brews (6.3% ABV, 60 IBU)

Appearance: Clear honey-brown with a nice sticky head of foam.

Aroma: Fresh hop flower with a sweet caramel backbone.

Taste: Yes, I believe this will do quite nicely! The malt and hop flavors ping-pong around the mouth. First the tannic, earthy, lemon pithy flavors of the hops, then the chewy caramel and peach flavors of the malts. And back again. A healthy amount of effervescence really keeps the flavors going and adds a nice prickling sensation. There’s a lot of flowery perfume in the finish, which you will either love or not-so-much love depending on your personal preference.

Overall, a truly decent IPA. It’s not going to blow you away with awesomeness, but you know what? That’s not always what we want. This is an excellent afternoon sipper and I’ll take it.

Food Pairings: This ale goes particularly well with grilled and spicy foods. Try pairing it with fish tacos or blackened chicken.

Have you ever come across this beer? What do you think of it?