Beer Review: Fleur from Goose Island Beer Company Beer Sessions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Fleur comes from Goose Island’s line of funk-a-licious Belgian-style ales. Like the Lambrucha we reviewed a few weeks back, this one is blended with fermented kombucha tea for an extra layer of intrigue. We love a beer that makes us think, and this one certainly put us through our paces.

Beer Details: Fleur from Goose Island Brewing Company (Belgian-style pale ale blended with kombuch and hibiscus, 7% ABV, available June through December)

Appearance: Poured into a pint glass, this beer showed a really lovely copper-orange color. It’s slightly hazy with lots of fine bubbles slipping up the sides of the glass. The peach-colored foam topping this beer looked so soft and pillowy that we wanted to lay down on it and take a nap.

Aroma: It smelled tart and fresh, like just-pressed apple cider. A little bit of funky sourness, with a wild honey sweetness showing through.

Taste: This beer is incredibly, surprisingly, fresh tasting. It’s zingy and sour at first, like biting into a Granny Smith apple. There’s a nod to the funkiness of Belgian ales, but it stays in check. This mellows into a recognizable herbal tea flavor, soft and floral with a nice touch of warming spice. The finish is clean and fairly dry.

Overall: Every component of this beer feels like its in perfect balance. This stays true even as it warms and more hibiscus and honey flavors begin to emerge. It’s elegant and refined, more like an intriguing champagne than one of those experimental knock-your-socks-off beers. We’d serve this at a dinner party to beer lovers and beer newbies alike.

Food Pairings: Fleur would be an excellent first-course beer. This time of year, we’d pair it with a bowl of butternut squash soup or a light salad topped with toasted nuts and fresh fruit.

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