Beer Pints: Does Size Matter?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s something I’ve wondered from time to time: why order a pint of beer when the last quarter ends up warm? If you’re not chugging it down, a pint seems like a pretty big serving of something that is best enjoyed chilled. But did you know that pints in the US are considered small? What, then is the ideal serving size?

That’s right, order a beer in Germany or the UK and you may end up with an even larger mug of the stuff than you’re used to. Jordan Mackay at leans towards the much smaller German glasses used to serve Kölsch beer, and I agree. More like tall cylindrical juice glasses, they might appear a little dainty, but they carry the perfect amount of beer for tasting. Have you ever committed to an entire pint of less than stellar stuff only to be sipping on lukewarm beer?

Do you think a pint is just right?

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