Beer at Your Doorstep: Beerjobber Delivers Brewery-Fresh Craft Brews

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Back before the Prohibition, and before semi-trucks, beerjobbers were the ones responsible for picking up the beer from the brewery and delivering it to the local bar. A new online start-up company has taken over the job – upgraded for the 21st century and delivering brewery-fresh beer right to your doorstep. works by picking up cases of beer directly from the brewery and deliver them directly to the customer. This sounds like a simple enough concept and business model, but the implications are significant.

We, the avid beer-loving community, get beer that’s guaranteed to be fresh and at the peek of drinkability. This is beer that has never sat in an over-heated store room or been exposed to the harsh fluorescent lights of a wall refrigerator. And since no brewery wants product that just sits there taking up valuable space, so you can be sure you’re getting the beer exactly when it’s ready.

Plus, we get access to smaller craft beers that might not have a very wide distribution range or the ability to deliver out of state. I like the fact that Beerjobber reduces the number of steps between me and the brewery. Instead of the beer passing from the brewery to the distributor to the beer store to me, this beer just comes directly to me.

Now, there are some limitations. State regulations governing alcohol distribution mean that Beerjobber can’t ship to every state, or even sometimes within state. On top of this, there can be non-compete contracts with distributors that limit shipping in some areas. Also, you have to be 21 years old to both place and order and accept a delivery.

The number of breweries working with Beerjobber is currently fairly small, but well-curated. Voodoo Brewing Company, Blue Point Brewing, and Mad River Brewing Company have all signed on. Keep your fingers crossed that as Beerjobber grows, they can add more and bigger-name breweries. (I miss Bell’s Brewery in Michigan something fierce!)

The price of the beer varies depending on the brewery and the beer itself. Most cases with twenty-four 12-oz bottles or twelve 22-oz bottles hover in the $40-$50 range, while the more exclusive beers edge up toward $70. This makes the price of the beer before shipping fairly comparable to buying it at the store.

Take a peek at their site and order yourself a case or two while you’re there: