The Best Thing Ever for an Outdoor Party? Beer and Wine Gutter Picnic Tables

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Forget clunky plastic coolers: this is the way to keep drinks cool at your next summer soirée!

Combining two summer staples — a picnic table and drink cooler — into one smart design seems like a runaway summer hit to us! And that’s just what Bobby Clark of Picnic Tables of Houston, the maker of the beer gutter picnic tables you see here, is banking on. “It’s just something I decided to do,” he tells Coastal Magazine in this interview. “And now I’ve got so many tables to do that I can’t even go fishing!”

While he makes regular picnic tables, his specialty is his beer gutter table, which features an galvanized steel gutter running down the center of the table — deep enough to fill with ice, and long enough to hold up to 32 beers. (That’s for the eight-foot table. You can choose between six, eight, ten, or twelve-foot tables, ranging in price from $185 – $300.) Each gutter also has a built-in drain for pouring off melted ice. 

Of course, they’re not just for beers, despite the name. Use it to chill wine or any other beverage you want on ice! And on non-party days, the gutter makes a decent centerpiece for flowers or herbs.

Get your own gutter table here → Picnic Tables of Houston. Prices range from $185 – $300.

We’re totally sold on these! How about you?

(Images: Picnic Tables of Houston)