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This Slow Cooker Beef and Tomato Macaroni Soup Is Unreal

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Barely two weeks ago I was moaning about how hot it was outside, and how ready I was for the weather to cool off and for it to finally be fall. Now I take it all back! A few days of mud, rain, and wind have cured me of any romantic ideas about “sweater weather.” It’s wet and freezing outside, every single person around me seems to have picked up the same persistent cough, and the only thing that will fix this seasonal chill is hot, steamy, cold-weather comfort food.

A good, hearty, soup is the perfect entree when your fingers are chilly, so I’m dying to wrap my hands around a bowl of beefy, tomato-y macaroni soup, like this recipe from The Kitchen Magpie.

Beef and tomato macaroni soup is a winter classic, and it’s pure comfort food. It’s hot and flavorful, and it’s hearty enough to be a main course, while still being brothy enough to be just the sort of thing a person wants to eat when they feel the telltale signs of the first winter cold coming on.

This recipe calls for browning a pound of ground beef in a frying pan with some garlic and onions, then putting it in a slow cooker with some beef broth, canned tomatoes, ketchup, and seasoning, and letting the whole thing cook on low for eight to 10 hours. The stronger the beef broth, the more beefy the flavor of the final soup will be. And the author has a great trick of adding a bit of Worcestershire sauce to make the broth extra savory.

Dry macaroni can be added at the end and allowed to cook in the soup, or you can keep some cooked macaroni in the refrigerator and just stir it into the soup when you’re ready to eat it. That way you can still use the slow cooker to simmer the soup all day, and the noodles won’t break down.

Get the recipe: Beef and Tomato Macaroni Soup from The Kitchen Magpie

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