Now Might Be the Time To Finally Buy a Roomba (They’re on Major Sale!)

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Keeping a kitchen floor clean can be a nightmare with the constant foot traffic, accidental spills, and those little snack crumbs you don’t even notice sometimes. The one room you want the most sanitary is the hardest to keep clean, and sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping daily to maintain it is practically impossible…unless you have a little help! Bed Bath & Beyond has some amazing deals on Roombas right now, including some of iRobot’s fanciest vacuum models and that bestselling robot mop. The more affordable models are up to 35 percent off, and even pricier models are discounted by up to $100, so if you’ve had your eye on one this would definitely be a good time to buy. So go ahead and save money, save time, and save your floors from dirt and grime. Oh, and save more with free shipping too. Take a look at our top deals below and browse the sale for more can’t-miss bargains.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $349.99

Do you have tile, wood, or carpeted floors? It doesn’t matter to the Roomba e5. This multi-surface vacuum uses a three-stage cleaning system, dual rubber brushes and power-lift suction to collect all dust, dirt, and debris that accumulates on any floor type. And since the high-efficiency filter traps 99 percent of allergens, it’s ideal for pet owners. This smart little robot takes WiFi commands from a phone app, Alexa, or Google Assistant; automatically senses other objects and works around them; and docks after 90 minutes to recharge itself. All you have to do is empty the bin when it’s done, and you’re both ready for another round.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $299.99

Stay off your hands and knees to clean those sticky, greasy spots by getting yourself the incredibly popular Braava 380t, which is equipped with Precision Jet Spray Technology. It mops any hard floor surface clean in one pass with disposable or microfiber cleaning cloths and can switch to sweep mode, so you get two hands-free devices for the price of one. It has the same WiFi connectivity and programming as other models, including the self-docking feature to recharge itself. Want to upgrade? Try the Braava m6, which has the ability to program “Keep Out Zones” if you don’t want it near that fancy new carpet.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $599.99

If you really want the VIP treatment, check out Roomba i3+. It has ten times the power-lifting suction of previous models, plus it combines the Roomba vacuum and Braava mop actions for a comprehensive cleaning sequence. It has the same high-efficiency filter to trap allergens, and better yet, it empties itself into an automatic dirt disposal for up to 60 days. That’s two months of hands-free cleaning with a machine that can also detect dirtier spots for extra cleaning and be programmed for high-pollen or pet-shedding seasons. All of that from a few simple commands on your Wi-Fi enabled device — what will iRobot think up next?