Bed Bath & Beyond’s $20 Kitchen Deals Sale Is Packed with Must-Have Small Kitchen Appliances

updated Aug 11, 2020
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Credit: Jill Ruzicka

As a kid, there was nothing better than a trip to the dollar store — with just $5 in my pocket, the world was mine! Bed Bath & Beyond’s $20 Kitchen Deals event feels like the adult equivalent of that, at least for any adult who gets super excited about sparkling new small kitchen appliances at ridiculously low prices. Unlike the junk I would blow my allowance on at the dollar store, BB & B’s sale includes items that are actually useful. From countertop grills to toaster ovens to compact blenders, there are so many great time-saving picks to choose from. And best of all, (almost) everything is, yup, marked down to $20 or less. Here are the best deals we’re adding to our cart, including two that are over $20 but definitely worth a look.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $20.00

Picture it: Thanksgiving, 2020. You're getting everything ready and realize life would be a little more perfect if you had just one more available burner to start making the gravy. This little guy from Dash would come in handy in any situation, whether you're cooking for a crowd or prepping ramen for one. Plus, given the compact size, it won't take up much storage space at all.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $35.00

Yes! A $20 toaster oven does exist, at least for as long as this Bed Bath & Beyond sale is on. Sure, it doesn't have all the features of the fancier toaster ovens of the world, but do you really need to be able to toast a bagel via WiFi? We also think this fuss-free oven would do just fine when it comes to trying out Eric Ripert's favorite method for broiling fish.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $30.00

Magic Bullet blenders have endured in popularity over the years because they're just so gosh darn convenient, and surprisingly powerful given their small size. This set comes with all the blender parts as well as a flip-top lid for the cup, which is a nice little bonus if breakfast smoothies are your main motivation for buying a Magic Bullet.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $45.00

If you're craving your big tub of buttery movie theatre popcorn, you'll want to snag Cuisinart's classic hot air popcorn popper STAT! Hot air poppers are a big upgrade from microwave popcorn, especially if your movie nights include adventurous snacks like Flamin' Hot Cheetos Popcorn. Another bonus: kids love watching hot air poppers make magic happen, which is never a bad thing.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $30.00

Everyone's favorite countertop grill is included in the sale, coming in at exactly $20 for the 5-serving classic version. In addition to countertop grilling, George Foreman grills make surprisingly great paninis, quick quesadillas, and gloriously crispy tater tots. And, don't forget, they're also an iconic off-to-college gift.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

OK, so we got lured in with all the under-$20 deals (we see what you did there, Bed Bath & Beyond!), but this $80 slow cooker is also on sale and worth a mention. It's fully programmable for days when you want to set it and forget it, but the really big selling point is that it comes with three different sizes of stoneware crocks — a 6-quart, 4-quart, and divided 2.5-quart — giving you tremendous flexibility and control.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $70.00

Rice cookers do more than conveniently and perfectly cook rice; they can also be used to steam veggies, keep mashed potatoes warm before you're ready to serve, or make a big batch of awesome oatmeal. Zojirushi is the undisputed expert (and one of our favorites) when it comes to rice cookers, which is why we were thrilled to spot this easy-to-use 10-cup version that's included in the sale.