The Under-$20 Organizer That’ll Finally Clear Your Kitchen Cabinet Clutter

published May 3, 2022
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We all know what it’s like to open your kitchen cabinet only to be greeted by a cluttered, clanging mess of pots, pans, and lids. There are loads of stackable, storable cookware options out there, but when it comes to keeping the lids of our pre-existing and relied-upon cookware at bay, a good solution can be tricky to find. So we turned to Bed Bath & Beyond — one of our go-to’s for innovative storage systems and organizational items — for some answers.

The Lid Maid Lid Organizer is everything we look for in a cabinet organizer. It’s a space-saving storage solution with a slim, sleek profile and enough room to fit loads of lids. Constructed with easy-to-clean, durable plastic, the organizer’s multipurpose tray slides effortlessly off its base for easy access. Installation is practically as painless as it is to get a hold of the right lid. With just two screws securely holding the organizer in place, you can have it locked in and ready to go in a matter of minutes!

At 22 inches long and just 3.5 inches wide, not only does the Lid Maid fit in any standard cabinet, but it’s also slim enough to keep your storage space from feeling overcrowded, even in the smallest of kitchens. Some reviewers even said that they filled their entire cabinets with Lid Maids in order to maximize storage capabilities: “I purchased three of these organizers that fit perfectly in a small cabinet.” Smart, right?

The best part about the Lid Maid is that despite its name, it’s actually handy for a lot more than just lids — it can work to contain and organize tons of kitchen items jumbled in your cabinets. “I ordered two of these lid organizers. They fit side by side,” wrote one reviewer. “They hold my cookie sheets, cooling racks and cutting boards, all standing upright and easy to get at.” Now that’s a lot of storage! Just imagine what this thing could do for the mismatched mason jars or food storage container tops you don’t have anywhere to stow away neatly.

This review sealed the deal for us: “Finally, after 30 years, my pots and pans and lids are not falling all over the place.” We can totally relate! The truth is, if you’re anything like us, you’ve waited way too long to address the mess behind that cabinet door. And there’s no reason to continue to deal with the hassle! Thanks to this Bed Bath & Beyond find, you can finally put a lid on that search of yours.