Bed Bath & Beyond’s Storage Sale Has Everything You Need to *Finally* Get Your Kitchen Organized

updated Sep 18, 2020
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Credit: Samara Vise

We know, temperatures have only just dropped into sweater weather range, but hear us out: Really cold nights are right around the corner, and holiday cooking season will be here before you know it. Now’s the time to get your kitchen organized from top to bottom — fridge, spices, pantry, pans, the whole shebang. Luckily, Bed Bath & Beyond is having a massive storage and organization sale to help you do just that. With prices starting as low as $3, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your kitchen and pantry a complete makeover. We promise, holiday you will thank current you for getting prepared. Check out some of our favorite finds below, and be sure to browse the rest of the sale, which also includes really good deals on storage essentials for the bathroom and wardrobes.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $19.99

Tired of having to lift the heavy stack of bowls off the stack of plates just to reach a single dish? Sick of precariously stacking coffee mugs three levels high? It’s time to invest in cabinet shelves. This set of two shelves are made of durable metal and will instantly double your cabinet’s storage space. Might as well get four!

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Bed Bath & Beyond

It’s time to turn Lazy Susan into Ultra-Efficient Susan! These bins, designed specifically for Susan’s circular shape, are ideal for sorting your oils, vinegars, canned goods, or even spices. Get four to wrap all the way around and really max out the efficiency. At less than $14, they’re a steal!

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $39.99

Spices are the star of any meal but an absolute pain in the storage department. It seems like they become a disorganized mess within minutes, and you end up spending forever digging around for that jar of elusive nutmeg. No more! This spice cabinet organizer features pull-out drawers with little compartments that can hold up to 16 jars of spices. The horizontal set-up keeps everything organized and visible so you can find what you need in seconds, and it’s all wrapped in a small container measuring less than a foot long and wide.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $34.99

If the shelf under your sink is currently a jumbled mess of cleaners, trash bags, and other random stuff, this super-functional shelf is made for you. Everything on it can move to fit your needs. Leave space open in the center for your drain pipes, put the snap-on basket wherever works best, slide all the shelves together to make one big shelf or spread them apart for cleaner organization. And don’t fret about it fitting under your sink — it measures 15.5 inches wide but can expand up to 27.5 inches!

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $14.99

Unless you’re an actor for refrigerator commercials, odds are your fridge is a tad messy. We’re not saying these bins will make your fridge commercial-ready (that’s not even realistic!), but they will make things a little more manageable. They’re over a foot long and eight inches wide, so there’s lots of space for produce, grab-and-go snacks, condiments, or whatever category of food is currently overtaking your fridge. Plus, they’re stackable, so grab a few to really get a lot of bang for your buck.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $16.99

Just as with dinnerware, pots and pans can become one large heap that require you to pull everything out just to get to one piece of cookware. Save yourself the annoyance once and for all with this four-shelf organizing rack. It’s great for baking sheets, muffin tins, baking pans, and more, and you won’t have to do bicep curls every time you want to bake cookies.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $5.99

Lazy Susans are an absolute kitchen essential. With this set, you can either get a two-tier piece to hold items in your pantry or choose from various single-level pieces that are perfect for storing in various cabinets to keep items like spice jars, condiments, and coffee essentials within easy reach.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $9.99

Sick of opening kitchen drawers to find everything’s slid around and become a jumbled mess? Here’s a simple fix: no-slip liner! Lay this one in drawers, shelves, and more to keep everything in place — for less than $10!