Because We Can! 5 Ways to Eat Chocolate for Breakfast

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I’m not sure if it’s the family obligations or the frenzied pace that starts to settle in this time of the year, but I find myself reacting by grabbing onto any little thing I have control over. One such example is eating whatever I please for breakfast, occasionally chocolate.

Now I know that chocolate isn’t the #1 health choice for a nutritious morning meal, but there are subtle ways to work it in so that it doesn’t feel quite as egregious, ways that seem to make me pretty happy lately and ways that I think you might enjoy every now and again, too.

1. The Classic: When you hear “chocolate” and “breakfast” in the same line, you likely think of Nutella. And why not? This spreadable chocolate hazelnut delicacy is wonderful spread on toast or bits of baguette, but I do shy away from the hydrogenated oils and fillers, much preferring a homemade version relying on dark chocolate. This makes for a special treat when friends come over for a weekend brunch or when you need a little pick-me up on hump Wednesday.

2. The Renegade: Maybe you just go full-on chocolate in the morning without trying to work it into a natural morning meal. In this case, small squares of a chocoalte bar nestled in between a little butter on a crusty baguette can be quite wonderful. As can chocolate breakfast sandwiches. It’s the overt, nothing-to-hide choice which, truthfully, can be refreshing at times.

3. The Sneak: Much the opposite of The Renegade, sneaky morning folks feel better about eating a bit of chocolate if it’s folded subtly into their pancakes, muffins or scones. It seems more like a natural fit, more like they belong this way. Delicious all the same.

4. The Baker: When you spend a great deal of time making doughs for quick breads and muffins, you start to come across innovative flavor combinations that would accomodate chocolate nicely. Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Muffins? Sure. Roasted Pear and Chocolate Chunk Scones? Yes, please.

5. The Barista: Drinking your chocolate in the morning can be a big treat in the fall and winter. This might look like a delicious, rich hot chocolate or a decadent mocha spiked with strong espresso. Not for everyday, sure, but a nice way to celebrate a work week well fought.

How do you work chocolate into your breakfast?

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