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I’m a Former Pastry Chef, and I Swear This Budget-Friendly Stand Mixer Is as Good as Those Splurgy Brands

published Jun 16, 2022
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Credit: Beautiful Kitchenware

As a former pastry chef, I rely on my stand mixer more than most, and the resident mixer on my kitchen counter is my beloved KitchenAid. Back when I had my small business, that thing got me through long nights of kneading doughnut dough, and now it serves as my trusted helper for daily cookies and special birthday cakes alike. But because I’ve been planning a move that will have me splitting my time between two places, I realized that I needed a second mixer! Unfortunately, after looking at KitchenAid’s high price tag, I was thinking I might just have to resort to my old hand-mixing ways… that is, until I took the Beautiful Tilt-Head Stand Mixer for a whirl.

Now, I want to be clear, I love (and will always love) my KitchenAid. Nothing will ever change that. But what did change after using my Beautiful was my uppity attitude about other brands of stand mixers. As it turns out, the Beautiful ticked off all the right stand-mixer boxes. After an hours-long baking bonanza (three different buttercream flavors and an angel food cake), I was convinced that Drew Barrymore really knows her way around a baker’s needs and wants when it comes to machinery!

The Beautiful mixer withstood eight minutes of beating, followed by 14 minutes of whipping (my key to super-fluffy buttercream), seamlessly accelerating as I adjusted the 10-speed dial. Easily accessible on the right side of the mixer, the dial is extremely precise in its wide range of speeds. The first setting turns the paddle slowly enough to add in M&M’s without crushing them or to evenly disperse nuts and chocolate without overmixing. The highest speed is, well, speedy. Fast enough to whip cream in just three minutes, in fact.

The mixer is lightweight enough for me to effortlessly carry around my kitchen, and I can easily stash it away in a cabinet without worrying about pulling my back every time a brownie craving comes a-callin’. But unlike other plastic appliances that rock or slide their way across the countertop, the Beautiful mixer has suction cups on the bottom to keep it in place. This mixer doesn’t move an inch, even when I lazily threw a couple of cold blocks of butter in it (which I don’t recommend — you should always soften your butter first!).

Unlike the KitchenAid lever, the tilt-head on this machine is operated with the press of a button. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical (my hand kept reaching for an imaginary lever that wasn’t there), but I was won over in minutes: A simple press of the button and the head lifts on its own, and like the rest of the machine, wiping down the button with a wet cloth was all I needed to reinstate its brand-newness.

Credit: Stella Totino

The Beautiful Tilt-Head Stand Mixer comes with a paddle, dough hook, and whisk attachment, so I can tackle literally any baked good. There’s also an included a splash guard, which covers all 360 degrees of the bowl. In other words, not even a single drop (of milk, butter, flour, you name it) will make its way onto the countertop when you’re using the thing. Each accessory, including the large-capacity stainless steel bowl, is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

And don’t let me forget to mention its good looks! Aptly named, the Beautiful is modern, with rounded features and a streamlined look. All five matte, sophisticated hues (I have Cornflower Blue) are equally stunning IMO, and would make a gorgeous addition to your kitchen. It’s virtually impossible to believe a machine this eye-catching (and good at its job) is just $130. Thanks, Drew!