13 Beautiful Kitchen Ideas That Will Make You Want to Redo Yours

published Feb 11, 2024
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When it comes to beautiful kitchens, I’m like a bee to honey. Because of their high-traffic (and expensive) nature, they’re one of the more difficult spaces to dress up — but if you have some time, energy, and resources, the possibilities are truly endless. From unlacquered brass and zellige tiles to fabulous vintage rugs and bold wallpaper, there’s so much you can do with the room. And I love it all! These are the 13 most beautiful kitchens catching my eye right now, which you can use as inspiration in your own space.

Credit: Minette Hand

1. Go Dark

A traditional kitchen got a moody makeover with black cabinetry and veiny gray countertops. The pièce de résistance is the custom-built cabinet incorporating antique windows as the doors, but you don’t have to call up a craftsman to get the same look. Any large-scale piece with some patina to it will do the trick — bonus points if it’s in a dark, dramatic color.

2. Modern Farmhouse

What do you get when you cross an oak frame and mixed metals with clean lines and neutral tones? A spacious, modern, pared-back take on the rustic kitchen. There is no farmhouse kitchen without a farmhouse sink (preferably from Villeroy and Boch), and the use of wood and metal throughout add to the country-esque look.

Credit: Emily Murray

3. Rainbow Bright

Pattern and color came to play in this garden-meets-Wes Anderson kitchen. From the floral Sandberg wallpaper to the geometric Bert & May tiles, your eye dances from feature to feature. The glossy light blue cabinets offer a moment of rest, while still making a bold statement. The secret to mixing and matching in a way that somehow isn’t too busy? Focusing on different tones of two contrasting colors (pink and green) and incorporating a range of scales.

4. Not (Totally) Your Grandma’s Kitchen

The grandmillennial style is inspired by the nostalgia of our earlier years, when Laura Ashley was more a lifestyle than a trend, and we felt more welcome at Grandma’s than anywhere else in the world. To accomplish this feminine, lived-in look, invite the rest of your home into the kitchen — in this case, with wallpaper, rugs, and ornate embellishments — and opt for chintzy florals and pretty pastels.

Credit: Kate Pearce

5. Paint the Walls Black

Black walls are bold, but somehow in this kitchen they act more like a backdrop, allowing the high-contrast marble slab, rustic floating shelves, and array of plants to stand out. If you’re feeling like your belongings aren’t getting the attention they deserve, try a fresh coat of paint — one of the easiest ways to completely transform a space.

6. A Work of Art

Most people prefer to renovate kitchens with resale value top of mind. This one, however, is one-of-a-kind. The DIY mosaic backsplash cost only $137, but the colorful, statement-making impact is priceless. Anyone can add a mosaic touch to nearly anything — counters, your table, even a cutting board!

7. A Gray Area

A minimalist, industrial kitchen at first sounds like something you’d find in a restaurant, but this one still feels inviting. You can attribute this to details like the Harry Allen piggy bank, artisanal vase, and bright original artwork that pop against the gray background. (Also, can we talk about the concrete counters with a mitered edge? So good.)

8. Where Form Meets Function

The definition of kitchen with character, you first notice the chartreuse cabinetry before feasting your eyes on the wooden beams. Trying to take in the layers of details, such as the industrial Schoolhouse lighting, oversized baskets above the fridge, and utensils on the windowsill, is like playing a game of Where’s Waldo. Building a rich, eclectic space of your own takes time, but that’s part of the fun; start by collecting vintage pieces you truly love that tell your story (and don’t compromise function).

9. Light and Bright, But Not (Totally) White

Warmth is added to the clean white kitchen with a splash of peachy cream, gray (and gold), courtesy of the chic zellige wall tiles. Replacing your counters or backsplash are far from the only ways to make your kitchen feel more cozy, though. The possibilities are limitless, but here’s a few ideas to get you started: wooden utensils, brass stools, or beige tea towels.

Credit: Rikki Snyder

10. Cottagecore, Kitchen Edition

Delightfully eclectic and almost frozen in time, there are many elements that stand out in this beautiful kitchen: the retro light blue appliances (with the matching island to boot), the patterned tile that goes up to the ceiling, and the peacock blue shelf brackets, to name a few. Incorporate this inspiration into your own kitchen with pastel dinnerware, your own light blue appliances, and copper pots and pans

Credit: Sylvie Li

11. Just Peachy

Retro color, boho details, and modern lines — it doesn’t sound like they’d work together, but they do in this kitchen. Breathing room is the name of the game: Each style has its chance to shine when you keep the space clean and uncluttered. Try the balancing act for yourself with pastel hues, sleek silhouettes, flowy fringe, and a hint of brass.

12. A Carved Out Niche

Come for the counter-to-ceiling terrazzo tiles, stay for the counter-depth alcove and sleek gray cabinets — this kitchen is designed to be a true destination for home cooks and guests alike. If a full-scale reno isn’t in the cards, you can still incorporate the inspiration with open shelving and tile-inspired towels.

13. Time Capsule Kitchen

This kitchen is a blast from the past, complete with mid-century teak-style cabinets and 1970s-inspired daffodil wallpaper by Familje Tapeter. More ways to marry the two decades include streamlined furniture, poppy colors, organic textures, and chunky decor.