Beating the Winter Vegetable Blahs: Battle Plan

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Throughout November and December, we’re happily content to eat winter vegetables in familiar and comforting ways. Big bowls of garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potato rolls, and braised onions are all frequent residents of our early-winter table.

But by February, let’s be honest: the winter vegetable blahs have set in deeply, especially here in the Northeast.

Rather than hang up the apron and call for takeout, or just give up on eating seasonally, February needs a two-pronged vegetable battle plan.

Part One: Bring life to the weary old troops of potatoes, cabbage and other familiar veggies by ramping up the heat and spice level. With no claims of authenticity, borrow flavors and cooking methods from far parts of the world to revive your palate for these starchy friends.

Part Two: Bring in the reserves — those strange or forgotten vegetables you’ve passed on up until now because you weren’t quite sure how to cook them. Among those in season now, you can try burdock root, black radishes and rutabaga.

We have a recipe up next that hits both parts of the battle plan. An unusual root vegetable, salsify, is pureed with an underlying kick of horseradish for anything but the blahs. See the recipe: Buttery Salsify Puree with Horseradish.

How do you kick up your vegetables to beat the winter blahs?

More ways to beat the winter vegetable blahs

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